45 wall stencil ideas to make your home more beautiful

45 wall stencil ideas to make your home more beautiful
Robert Rivera

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The wall stencil is a way to create patterns and designs on walls using a template and paint. It is advantageous over wallpaper because it gives more freedom of color and composition in the application. You can make your own stencil or buy ready-made, there are several models available today.

45 wall stencil photos to delight you

The wall stencil has the power to transform any environment. Since it is a painting, it can be made in any color you wish, both the wall base and the stencil design. It can also be applied as a pattern or as a single image. Check out some inspirations below.

1. the wall stencil comes in several sizes

2. not only large models

3. but also small

4. or even designs that form a single design

5. they can be combined to form different prints

6. like this option of the same design, but with different sizes

7. or use varied colors and designs for a unique effect

The possibilities are endless!

9. use the same template and create a continuous pattern

10. you can combine a detailed design with small patterns

11. so it looks even more like wallpaper

12. you can use the same mold with different colors

13. this way the look gets super interesting

14. the geometric wall stencil makes a modern environment

15. the lace effect looks elegant and romantic

16. you can combine the wall stencil with traditional painting

17. the combination of the geometric stencil and the diagonal painting is very modern

18. take the opportunity to vary the background color of the wall

19. the dark background with the light stencil is super charming

20. once the beige with white stencil became discreet and elegant

21. as well as the combination of colors in the same family

22: mixing black and white is a no-brainer

23. like this print of the Copacabana sidewalk

24. this wall is simple and modern

25. the children's room with hearts is just darling

26. once the clouds give charm to the simple wall

27. you can even create the galaxy effect to make it more fun

28. the decoration of the room gets even cuter

29. making the environment full of love and care

Are you enjoying our inspiration list?

31: We still have a few more options for you to choose your favorite

32. the wall stencil also looks great in the adult room

33. not only in neutral tones

34. but also combined with bright colors such as pink

35. how about combining a geometric painting with a geometric stencil?

36 The mandala wall is now very much in fashion

37. you can also combine it with other pieces

38. or make a pattern combining several mandalas

39 - Another trend is the brick wall

40. you can apply a thicker paste to the stencil to create volume

41 In the kitchen, you can create a themed wall

42. it's cheerful and very different!

43 The wall stencil allows many possibilities

44. it is easy to apply

45. and leaves your home full of personality

The combinations of colors and stencil patterns are endless, don't be afraid to create your own mixtures. You are sure to find the perfect balance that suits your personality.

Where to buy wall stencil

There are several stencil models ready to buy on the market, and also the option to have custom models made according to your idea. Here is a list of stores to facilitate your search for your favorite design.

  • AliExpress : In this site you can find several models of wall stencil with fun designs, as well as other accessories that can help in the application and a good cost-benefit ratio;
  • Shoptime : already this store has decorative molds with patterns of geometric shapes or with more discreet designs. These are ideal for those looking for a beautiful and modern decoration;
  • Americanas : here we have another option of a store with wall stencils with geometric shapes. the site has several models and a very reasonable price;
  • Submarine : on this site you can find the beloved brick stencil, perfect for transforming the environment with little money;
  • Amazon : Finally, we have selected one more store with wall stencils and other accessories for you to change the decoration of your home.

These are just a few stores that sell the wall stencil, but it is very easy to find it in craft stores and art supply stores.

How to make and apply wall stencil

The application of the stencil is quite simple, but we have separated some videos that give tips so that your wall gets the result you want. So, check out the videos and take note of all the information.

How to stencil with acetate

If you didn't find the stencil you were looking for or want to save money, this tutorial is for you!

Stencil application with Moroccan print

The Moroccan stencil on the wall looks amazing, but the application of this mold has many little secrets, which is why Fiama Pereira teaches you some tips to make this process easier so that you can paint your wall without mistakes.

Easy brick mold

The brick wall is the darling of many, so we have selected a video that will teach you how to make a brick wall stencil in your home. It is very simple, just use tracing paper, acetate, a stylus, and in a few minutes you will have your stencil ready.

How to make a brick wall with a stencil

In this video, you will learn how to make a fake brick wall to transform your home.

Now that you know all about the wall stencil, you can make a stylish triangle wall.

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