5 tips and 55 planned closet designs to get the plans out of the closet

5 tips and 55 planned closet designs to get the plans out of the closet
Robert Rivera

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A planned closet helps to organize the room and gives a lot of functionality to the environment. Thus, when the closet is custom made, it adapts to the available space. So, see tips and 55 ideas for a closet that meets all your needs!

Tips for a planned walk-in closet

The closet still seems far from the reality of Brazilians, so it is common for many questions to arise about it.

  • How much does a planned closet cost? A closet can be built in or occupy an entire room, and the price depends on the materials and model used, ranging from R$800 to R$2000 per square meter.
  • Which is better, open or closed closet? Both options have advantages and disadvantages. For example, the open closet is more practical, cheaper and ventilates the clothes better. However, it can accumulate dust and show off your clutter. Meanwhile, the closed closet does not accumulate dust and hides clutter. However, it can decrease the space of the room.
  • How to make a closet in the bedroom spending little? The best companies for this are: creativity and planning. You can restore old furniture and invest in niches to renovate an environment.
  • How to design a closet? The best tip is to hire a professional. However, three things are essential when planning your closet. The first is to understand the needs of the person who wants the closet. The second is to remember the support furniture, for example, a pouf or an armchair. Finally, lighting should also be considered.
  • What is the difference between a closet and a closet? Unlike a closet, a closet can be in an exclusive room, and it does not need doors. Finally, it is more spacious than a regular closet because it has more dividers and spaces available.

With the available tips it is easy to understand the reasons to have a closet, so how about taking a look at some ideas to have your own?

55 pictures of planned closet for a functional and organized bedroom

Those who think that a closet is a luxury item are mistaken. After all, with planning and creativity it is possible to realize the dream of having your own closet. Therefore, see 55 planned closet ideas that fit in your room and in your dream.

Are you thinking of having a planned closet in your home?

2. I bet these pictures will bring the necessary inspiration

3. to get a beautiful project out of the oven

After all, it is much easier to find your clothes in an organized closet, right?

5. the planned niches give more functionality to the environment

6. and the option of a closet with sliding doors helps to hide that mess

7. too little space? think about an L-shaped closet to optimize it!

8. for those who have a larger space available, the project can be more creative

9. for example, two cabinets, one facing the other

10. the planned closet with glass door protects clothes from dust without hiding them

11. and it makes it easier to choose the pieces

12. so you will spend less time getting ready when you go out.

13. besides being functional, the closet is a charm apart

14. that it can be done in a room only for him

15. providing a more sophisticated organization

16. or, share space with other furniture, such as your desk

17. the open closet makes it easy to see what clothes are available

18. not to mention that it gives satisfaction to see everything organized

19. Who isn't happy to see their house organized?

20. a planned closet with glass doors increases the feeling of spaciousness

21. and makes the space cozier

22. developing a closet with your style is very important

23. it is important to analyze the decoration of the house as a whole

24. so that the project blends well with the other environments

25. the corridor closet option optimizes space

26. a door to separate the closet from the bedroom keeps the storage discreet

27. and brings an elegance to the room

28. the same goes for the straight closet

29. with an exclusive room, it is possible to have a large planned closet

30. however, the final intention of this room is to be simple and functional

31. whether it is made of wood, with black details

32. or full of gold details

Neutral colors are more sober

34. white brings a clean and minimalist mood

The dressing room with dressing table is ideal for moments of self-care

36 Therefore, it is crucial to take advantage of all the spaces

37. a good professional is essential for the success of the project

38. he will help you think of every detail

39. from the color of the wood, to which handle will be used

40. the contrast of colors in the closet creates a better division of spaces

41. furthermore, the shelves can be very well exploited

42. it is also possible to add a metalon hanger

43. plants and decorative objects enhance the closet environment

44. and the gold details bring a unique elegance

45. don't forget to think about divisions for your shoes

46 In this type of closet it is possible to divide the pieces into sectors

47. making it easier to organize and increasing its functionality

48 - The closet gives new life to the old room

49 For those looking for sophistication, plaster can be an ally

50. after all, this material is very resistant and elegant

51. the room needs to adapt to your reality

52. this will help bring personality to it

53. soft colors make it easier to harmonize the environment

54. and natural lighting can be exploited/h3>

In other words, regardless of your reality, a planned closet is the right choice!

After all, our home is even cozier when it has our face, so it is worth investing in organization and practicality. Therefore, the ideal is to have a room with a closet.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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