50 bathroom fixture models to renew the space

50 bathroom fixture models to renew the space
Robert Rivera

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Small or large, on the wall or on the ceiling, the bathroom fixture must provide pleasant and practical lighting for shaving or applying makeup.

The lighting should also be appropriate for relaxing in the shower or for performing other daily tasks. That said, look for fixtures that match the style of your bathroom, so check out dozens of amazing bathroom fixture designs for you to be inspired by.

1. the discreet light fixture matches the tones of the space

2. retro decorative object provides intimate lighting

3. this bathroom ceiling fixture provides a wider illumination

4. decorative items promote a warm atmosphere

5. simple, the bathroom fixture provided a stripped-down feel

6. as well as this other one that highlights the decorative pictures

Position the wall lamp near the mirror

8. for this is the point that requires the most illumination

9. to be able to shave or put on makeup easily

10. bet on a light fixture for a bathroom mirror

11. the LED bathroom fixture is more economical than a standard one

12. in black tone, the decorative item is in harmony with the decoration

13. luminaire gives a sophisticated and classic touch to the space

14. the lighting project must be well planned

15. the pendant complements with charm

16. bet on luminaries with simple design

17. how about decorating with a lampshade?

18. the sconce reinforces the bathroom lighting

19. the design of the decorative item is striking and charming

20. the small bathroom is marked by the synchronization of different styles

21. sconces present an unusual and elegant design

22. black tone dominates the bathroom

23. bet on the composition of silver and white tones

24. pendants give an industrial look to the space

25. in every corner, wall lamps enhance the decoration

26: Bet on a more discreet model for small bathrooms

27. led light fixtures feature sophisticated design

28. delicate and discreet, the object presents a classic style

LED strips in mirrors and sconces create the perfect light

30. elegant, the bathroom has a glass light fixture

31. blue adds color to space

32. lampshade and sconce provide indirect lighting

33. decoration mixes classic and contemporary touches

34. intimate space has a harmonious and cozy composition

35. for the bathroom, look for luminaires with indirect light

36 Intimate environment is marked by the use of simple and discreet decoration

37. ceiling luminaire finishes the arrangement with exuberance

38. bathroom gets beautiful sconces for more lighting

39. light highlights the 3D bathroom wall

40. the small bathroom presents a simple lighting project

41. industrial luminaries compose the environment

42. sconces charmingly complement the composition

43. simple and discreet bathroom fixture

44. indirect lighting composes the mirror of the private space

45. the decorative item adds elegance to the decor

46. lamp in the mirror for small bathroom

47. luxurious pendant completes the decoration with refinement

48. invest in intimate lighting

49. bathroom wall fixture features a modern design

50. in gold tone, the decorative items highlight the sink area well

With no set rule of what is the best fixture for the bathroom, the lighting project must be well elaborated, highlighting the area where the sink and the mirror are, or even the bathtub and the shower. Now that you have been inspired with dozens of ideas, go to a store specializing in fixtures and decoration and purchase your model to transform the look of your intimate space.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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