Crochet table runner: 60 models to decorate the table

Crochet table runner: 60 models to decorate the table
Robert Rivera

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The American Set is an accessory composed of small pieces that are used on the table, to receive the plates, cutlery, and glasses. These pieces can replace the traditional tablecloth, with great practicality and ease in everyday life.

The American set is very versatile, because besides keeping the table clean and helping to protect it, it adds an extra charm and decorates the set table:

1. round crocheted place mat

Bring color to the table with the crochet table runner. The green and blue tones are also mixed with the other utensils to create an elegant table.

2. pink delicacy

The crochet prints delicacy and the pink tones complement the romantic touch of the tableware.

3. composition with neutral tones

In neutral colors, the crocheted Americana set can be used as a base to compose different tables and even overlap with the tablecloth. In this case, it acts as a sousplat.

4. combination with patterned tableware

With an Americana set in light shades, such as this one, it is possible to dare in the tableware and accessories and make any meal even more charming.

5. day to day versatility

For day-to-day versatility, prefer the colorful crocheted versions that are easy to clean and use.

6. delicate table with crocheted place mats

The napkin ring, the flower arrangement, and the tableware make a perfect match with the delicate light blue tones of the American game.

7. variety of colors and shapes

The number of place mats you need should be equal to the number of places at the table or the number of people at mealtime. With crochet, you can create a variety of colors and shapes.

8. decorating the meals

In addition to practicality, the crocheted Americana set complements the table decoration along with the cutlery and the tableware.

9. for all occasions

The Americana set can also be combined with the sousplat to create unique and charming results for a variety of occasions - special dinners, breakfast, or a simple meal.

10. crocheted place mat in soft colors

The use of a crochet table mat brings the possibility of composing and mixing different colors and styles. The soft colors bring a delicate and romantic air to meals.

11. raw crocheted place mat

Innovate with unique combinations and results: the round raw crochet tableware set is accompanied by dishes that create a special, tropical mood for your meal.

12. colors and relaxation at the table

Bring a little color and relaxation to your meals with the crocheted Americana set: a simple and quick decoration for every moment.

13. colorful crochet

The crochet table runner can also be very colorful and be the protagonist on the table, so when using one in this style, opt for dishes and utensils in neutral tones.

14. unique styles and compositions

Crochet allows you to create various compositions, shapes, colors, and designs for an American game. Make your meals more charming and unique with a crocheted American game.

15. elegance and protection

A crocheted place mat in a single color adds a sophisticated and elegant touch to a wooden table, and protects it from scratches and stains.

16. colors and prints

A simple idea is to mix plates, glasses, and Americana sets of different colors and patterns, so you have a cheerful and colorful table.

17. table valorization

The crocheted Americana set is perfect for composing and enhancing various types of tables. For large tables, prefer a larger Americana set.

18. for everyday or special occasions

An American set has many advantages, among them the possibility of creating different looks for the table, as well as guaranteeing greater ease and practicality both in everyday life and on special occasions.

19. table quickly ready

The crochet table runner is perfect for setting a cute and delicate table for a delicious cup of coffee, an option that allows the table to be set or taken down quickly, without any difficulty.

20. sober and elegant place mat

For those who like more basic and classic looks, the best option is to invest in a crocheted Americana set in a neutral or soft color.

21. explosion of colors

Colorful crocheted place mats are wonderful and bring an amazing look to the table. Let mealtimes become even more special and enchanting with these pieces.

22. convenience beyond the main meals

The American Set not only serves to support plates, cutlery, or glasses on the table, but also to serve tea or coffee, for example.

23. colors in harmony

The colors of the dishes and utensils in harmony with the American set make the table much more elegant and your home much more chic.

24. to compose graceful tables

The crocheted place mat can be used to set graceful tables in a very simple and practical way. Here, for example, it complements the soft, romantic atmosphere of the café.

25. combination of placemat and napkin

The napkin and the place mat can complement each other on the table, so it is a good idea to combine the two in similar or identical shades.

26. harmonization for theme parties

The American game is perfect for composing tables for special occasions. Here, the delicacy of the crochet harmonizes with the Easter-themed decoration.

27. black and white Americana set

On a glass table, the American set can give a more modern touch, with the colors black and white. A beautiful option that goes with everything!

28. ease for quick meals

Any surface lined with the pieces of an American set becomes a perfect dining space, be it a table or the kitchen counter, for example. An ease for quick everyday meals.

29. vibrant colors

The yellow crochet tablecloth is vibrant and stands out in the table decoration. The transparent and softly colored tableware balances the composition.

30. crocheted lace placemat

The crocheted lace style table runner brings good taste and delicacy to the decoration.

31. touch of personality

The American set adds color and texture to the table, as well as a personal touch full of personality at mealtime.

32. rustic atmosphere


The crocheted Americana set goes with many different decoration styles. Darker colors and more detailed designs harmonize very well with wooden tables and a more rustic atmosphere.

33. table decoration with American game

Crochet makes wonderful dinner sets, which bring practicality and beautifully decorate the table for special dinners.

34. various sizes and shapes

The size and shape of the American set can vary: round pieces with a diameter of more than 35 cm, or rectangular pieces with a width of 37 to 45 cm, to hold the plates and cutlery, are usually more common.

35. shades of pink on the table

For sure, a crocheted place mat will make your table look beautiful and have a modern and sophisticated decoration.

36. colorful crocheted place mat

For those who appreciate colors, a colorful table is perfect! A great idea is to create a crochet table runner with one piece of each color, so the table looks beautiful and fun.

37. small details in color

It is much more practical to serve coffee, or any other quick meal, with the American set. Even the simplest ones, or those with small details in color, are beautiful and delicate.

38. a combination for every moment

With the American set you can easily coordinate the table for meals and still have the advantage of using different combinations for each moment.

39 - American Set with Crochet Detail

Crochet can also be discreetly used in the border of an American game, a delicate version to make the moment of the meal more enchanting.

40. table for Christmas

Some crocheted Americana sets go perfectly with special occasions, such as Christmas. Colors such as red, green, and yellow stand out at this special time.

41. discreet and full of charm

Crochet adds an understated yet charming touch to the set table. The soft color options are perfect for those who prefer a more basic look.

42. table differential

The American set is a great differential when receiving guests, and there are no occasion restrictions: they always make the table much more elegant for any meal.

43. colors and sophistication

Decorated with the American game, the table looks charming and sophisticated, going out of the ordinary with colors and special details.

44. for all table styles

The crochet table runner can go with any dining table, from the simplest to the most sophisticated style. With it, your space will certainly become much more inviting.

45 - place mat with cutlery tray

A more elaborate option of the crocheted Americana set can come with a cutlery tray and leave everything well organized at mealtime.

46. christmas decoration

For Christmas decoration, red comes to mind. To set the table, the crocheted table runner in this color is a delicate option - and you can still use it for many other occasions.

47. lots of color and personality

The crocheted Americana set can come in different shapes, various colors, and have details added to it to break away from the traditional pattern and add more personality to the table.

48. placemat and cup dispenser

Besides the crocheted place mat, you can also make matching cup holders in the same line, so that your table is protected against stains and scratches, and full of charm, too.

49. yellow for highlight

Yellow is a prominent color and a great ally in decoration. Here, the crochet table runner makes the table much more interesting and with a touch of color.

50. variety of combinations

On the table, various color combinations are possible with the crocheted napkins, tableware, and the crocheted place mat.

51. earthy tones in decoration

The earthy tones also shine in the composition of the table, with the reddish American game and the brown fiber sousplat.

52 - American game with patterned napkin

A crocheted place mat in plain colors looks great with a colorful printed napkin.

53: Simplicity with delicacy

A simple crocheted place mat can also be beautiful and leave your table always neat and tidy for meals.

54. multicolor crocheted place mat

Multicolored crochet cheers up and changes the face of any table. The mixture of colors composes a unique and original piece.

55. charming meals

Here, all the delicacy of a crocheted piece in pink. To make your table more beautiful and charming, combine it with a fabric flower napkin ring.

56. more cozy at mealtimes

The crocheted Americana set transforms the appearance of any surface quickly for meals and collaborates to make the moment cozy, warm, and charming.

57. fun or elegance

With so many options, the American game can be used on many occasions, as much for a more fun and colorful table as for a more serious, neutral, and elegant table.

58. striped crocheted place mat

In crochet, the colors can also be alternated, forming a delicate striped Americana set.

59. highlight colors

The crocheted place mat can be the protagonist on your table - and the colorful ones always stand out.

60. neutrality

The raw string is a good option for a more delicate and neutral American crocheted set.

The crochet American game is a more practical and less formal alternative to the traditional tablecloth - and yields beautiful and elegant compositions on the dining table or in the kitchen. With its practicality, it is perfect for everyday life and also for special occasions. Beauty at the table is fundamental, so enjoy and purchase different models of crochet American game to decorate your meals.Take advantage and see beautiful set table ideas to use yours!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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