50 pallet shelf ideas for a creative and economical decoration

50 pallet shelf ideas for a creative and economical decoration
Robert Rivera

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The pallet shelf is a practical, economical and creative way to decorate your home. Besides helping in the organization, this piece can give a special touch to any environment. Check out ideas to use it in decoration and learn with videos how to make this versatile item for your home:

50 models of pallet shelves for decoration

Pallets can be reused in many ways in decoration. Surprise yourself with these ideas for shelves:

1. pallet shelf is versatile

2. a stylish piece for decoration

3. and that it also helps in organizing the house

4. leave the spices in order in the kitchen

5. make a special space for your library

6. and add a charming touch to the entrance hall

7. take advantage of the rustic look of the pallet

8. invest in an aged painting

9. or bet on the originality of the piece

10. a different option for indoor environments

11. and which also looks lovely outdoors

12. perfect for a country kitchen

13. or for a vintage decoration

14. you can customize a format

15. ensure a refined finish

16. and paint with the color you prefer

17. add more charm with decorative pieces

18. increase the decoration of the garden

19. and make a pallet shelf for the plants

20. the bathroom can also gain a

21. it is a practical way to organize the environment

22. store your personal items

23. put your shoes away right at the entrance of the house

24. build an amazing wall cellar

25. and have your own bar at home

26. decorate the shelf with the best photos

27. create a special corner for reading

28. and organize your books

29. an idea the kids will love!

30. flowers make everything more beautiful

31. as well as special objects

32. on the veranda, the shelves can receive lanterns

33. or serve as a support for the vases

34. for you to assemble a hanging garden

35. in the kitchen, they help to organize the pots and pans

36. and store the best drinks

37. they may even have a special support for the cups

38. a multifunctional piece for decoration

39. you can create different templates

40. use creativity in finishing

41. and customize according to your needs

42. it is possible to make small parts

43. and very graceful, that can fit in any space

44. shelves can also be suspended

45. or fixed directly to the wall

46. can replace a cabinet in the kitchen

47. and store the dishes you use the most

48. set up a reading corner

49. and increase the decoration of the dining room

50: An easy and charming option for your home!

With pallets, you can easily transform your decor and create original and charming pieces for your home.

How to make a pallet shelf

After all these ideas, it's time to put them into practice! Check out the video tutorials to turn pallets into super-stylish shelves:

Easy Pallet Shelf

The assembly is very simple and you can follow the model made in the video or use your creativity to make a new format.

Shelf with pallet French hand

In this video, you learn how to use pallet wood to make "French hands" that will guarantee the support of your shelves.

Hanging Pallet Shelf

Unlike traditional models, this version does not leave the support visible and appears to be floating in the room! Learn in the video how to make this option with pallet wood and decorate your home amazingly.

Pallet Book Shelf

In addition to decorating environments, shelves also help to keep the house in order. Check out this proposal to make a pallet shelf to store and organize your books. A great piece to decorate the home office, living room or bedroom!

And if you love creating new pieces to transform your home, check out more fantastic ideas for decorating with pallets.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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