55 table arrangements with the power to make any room special

55 table arrangements with the power to make any room special
Robert Rivera

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Arrangements are an almost indispensable decoration for the home both on a daily basis as well as for special occasions, birthday parties, and important events such as weddings, since with their beauty and details they are able to give the home a boost and make the environment much more beautiful, charming, elegant, and pleasant.

They can be with natural or artificial flowers, made of glass, wood, metal, small, large, modern, rustic, among other infinite options perfect for decorating coffee tables in the living room, lunch/dining table, and even smaller tables in bedrooms, balconies, or offices.

Although they are incredible decorative items, it is necessary to know where and how to place them, otherwise they can have the opposite effect and pollute the environment. In the dining room, entrance hall, and paradors, for example, the idea is that the arrangement should not be more than 30 cm high.

In living rooms you can play a little bit more: on center tables they should also be lower, but on the sides and corners you can bet on larger and more eye-catching arrangements, about 50 cm. In this case, give preference to flowers with long handles, such as lilies, which are beautiful and perfume the environment.

Tips for choosing the ideal table arrangement

The choice of the ideal table arrangement should be made according to the style of your home and also to the other decorative items in the room.

If the table in your home is rectangular or square, medium to large, you can place tall - and preferably thinner - arrangements in small spots, or leave them lined up, one next to the other. However, if it is a round table, a great option is to arrange up to three arrangements in its center.

If the intention is to decorate for a special event, keep in mind that the period in which it will be held must also be taken into account, i.e., in a daytime celebration, you can bet on arrangements with brighter colors, with flowers such as sunflowers, for example. At night, it is common for the decoration to be more refined and full of glamour, so you can opt for more chic options, such asroses and candles.

In relation to the height of the arrangements, the architect Camilla Dall'oca says that the important thing is that they never disturb the field of vision of those sitting near the table, because there is nothing more annoying than turning your face away all the time to be able to talk to someone sitting in front.In the case of flowers, for example, you can see the stem, the leaves, and the petals, which give a very nice result.

In addition, the professional comments that flowers in arrangements today are increasingly trendy, because it is a versatile item of decoration where you can change the flowers and create new settings, with various types and colors.The whole environment in harmony is fundamental," he adds.

60 table arrangement inspirations

If you are planning to decorate your home and need some good ideas, check out below an amazing list with 60 pictures of table arrangements to get inspired:

1. colorful flowers to brighten up the environment

2. green arrangements, such as moss, also look great

3. yellow flower mix for a side table

4. the mix of heights and shapes of different vases looks amazing

5. details of a passionate wedding

6. beautiful combination of arrangements on the coffee table

7. different and creative decorations work as good table arrangements

8. flowers and candles are a very elegant combination

9. metallic arrangements complement a modern environment

10. fruit arrangements for simple environments

11. arrangements with plants of various sizes

12. two equal arrangements to make the decoration balanced

13. when the table is near the kitchen, bet on the arrangement with fruit

14. tall arrangements at the ends of the table are a guaranteed success

15. mix of arrangements with greens, flowers and candles

16. for coffee tables, opt for lower arrangements

17. glass-based arrangements that make it easy to see

18. colorful and charming arrangements

19. small and simple arrangement for a clean environment

20. arrangement with artificial flowers and candles perfect for Christmas

21. ceramic ornament in a neutral and basic color

22. modern central arrangement for dining table

23. great plant arrangement for decorating the veranda table

24. sophisticated flower arrangements for evening parties

25. rustic rectangular table decoration

26. colorful and simple container for square table

27. a creative and fun coffee table

28. two small vases that bring joy to the room

29. flower arrangement with super charming metal base

30. arrangement of fern with elegant black vase

31. assorted arrangements for decorating a modern living room

32. nice, low arrangement so as not to disturb the view at the table

33. chic flower arrangement for an elegant environment

34. subtle arrangement for a small round table

35. creative arrangements for side tables in the living room

36. lacy arrangement that matches perfectly with the chandelier

37. more cheerful balcony with white flowers arrangement

38. table arrangement to match the chandelier

39. simple and inexpensive plant pot to decorate

40 - Dining room made more charming with colorful containers

41. basic and beautiful plant arrangement

42. low and long arrangement for rectangular table

43. colorful flowers in glass vases add color to the wooden environment

44. coffee table much more beautiful with a plant pot

45. wooden arrangement for rustic living room

46. rectangular table with three lined up plant pots

47. thin, transparent, long flower vase

48. flower arrangement with different and colorful base to brighten up the environment

49. silver vase ideal for office decoration

50. table arrangements for receiving guests at home

51. classic and chic flower arrangements and candles

52. small and simple arrangement with babosas to decorate the kitchen

53 Pair of golden arrangements with plants on the coffee table

54. arrangement of plants and chandelier aligned on the living room table

55. varied arrangements that make the kitchen pantry much more charming

56. glass options that complement the modern and futuristic environment

Table arrangements to buy online

If you don't have time to go out and look for decorative items, you can find several options on online sites. Check out a selection of beautiful items below and choose the one that best suits your home!

1. metal Roma table center Ø42 cm

2. 3-Sphere Fruit Fruiting Table Centerpiece - Brown

3. table centerpiece Copacabana Chrome 168 Niquelart

4. centerpiece with Spheres + Vase Bottle Ruby Glamour

5. leaf with spheres Sunset Table Centerpiece

6. 33cm Square Crystal Ecological Table Centerpiece

7. Classic Spherical Table Centerpiece - Classic Line - White/Black

8. 32x19cm Ceramic Leaf with Birds Table Centerpiece

9. 36 cm Clips Table Centerpiece Wolff - Silver

10. 32cm Brown Plastic Gold Table Centerpiece - Brown

The budget available for decorating the house is one of the most important factors when choosing the items, so it is worth doing a lot of research to find a nice arrangement that matches the rest of the decoration and fits in your pocket.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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