60 tips to use crochet for decoration and make your home more charming

60 tips to use crochet for decoration and make your home more charming
Robert Rivera

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Crochet has become a major trend not only for many years, but also as a therapeutic activity for those who perform this work that requires a lot of skill and patience.

Passed on from generation to generation, crochet never falls into disuse because it is timeless, and also because it is easy to adapt to the present. If used with creativity, it can warm up in winter, add color and texture to environments, add a personal touch to the contemporary, be part of a more minimalist choice or renew the energy and look of a dull piece of furniture, all without losing that retro andcozy grandma's house.

And it can be added in different ways: through a pretty quilt on the bed, a blanket on the sofa, a colorful pillow, a rustic cushion, charming covers for benches or armchairs, among other options that you can check in our inspiration list below:

1. pillows in sober colors

Combined with other pillows of different textures, they fill the room with personality and style.

2. charming the baby's room

The little sheep was made with string, white cotton thread, and padding. A perfect way to decorate the room in a cute and clean way.

3. no-frills holders

The pieces with lids can offer a thousand and one uses for the kids' room. Besides being decorative, they easily store toys, magazines, and toiletries.

4. a big, cozy pouf

The texture of crochet is an invitation to comfort, and ideal to add warmth to cold and minimalist environments. This pouf follows all the references, respecting the color chart of the room without looking dull.

5. colorful carpet

To avoid putting your feet on the cold floor when you wake up, how about adding a rug to the edge of the bed? This colorful piece is super retro and filled the decor with joy.

6. giving life to the dull stool

The covers for stool seats are very much in evidence, and turn an ordinary piece into a decorative object full of grace. Try leaving it next to a sofa or a dresser to see the difference it will give to the environment.

7. housing a nice little pine tree

Crocheted pots add a personal touch to the space, and their colors can vary and fit the style perfectly: for the contemporary, a vibrant color goes well, while for the minimalist, raw string and black are ideal.

8. sousplats add value to the table decoration

And they make the dishes even more beautiful! White pieces stand out well with crocheted soulplats made of string.

9. fringed pieces

Crochet can have many different combinations, colors, techniques, and stitches, and the most popular are certainly the tone-on-tone rugs with fringe edging. You have surely seen a piece with these characteristics in someone's home!

10. give your glasses a personal touch

Whether it's to keep your hands from freezing or heating up, or just to give the glassware a touch more flair.

11. kids will love a blue bear in the middle of the room

Have you ever thought about adding a fun bug rug to your children's space? They will be able to play on top of the piece without having direct contact with the floor, and they will also love having something fun decorating the room.

12. lifting the mood with decorative pieces

One way to add more color to your room without fear of making a mistake is to invest in decorative objects. Choose a tasteful crocheted piece and combine it with books and other items that represent your personality and life story.

13. cup-rest

If the coaster in your house is nice and fun, the likelihood of your guest staining your furniture is almost nil! Who can resist such creativity?

14. pieces with striking textures

Another way to add color to a simple room is to choose a striking, uncluttered pouf.

15. macramé Cachepô

They are fun, rustic, and super charming. They give a perfect contrast when combined with a more delicate plant or flowers.

16. small details, huge differences

The napkin rings are an extra touch of delicacy on the table, and show care when decorating. A little crocheted flower makes everything much more charming, perfect for those who like the vintage style.

17. the highlight of the house

If the idea is to keep the minimalist style, invest in a combination with other pieces without patterns, and with harmonious colors.

18. christmas basket

The little balls stored in the themed cachepot serve perfectly as decoration for the supper table or an addition to the Christmas tree.

19. xô friozinho!

A nice blanket will give a nice makeover to that dull sofa that was about to be retired, and can also keep your feet warm on a cold day.

20. baskets for the living room

Next to the sofa, it's a real help! The blanket stays neatly stored, and in the heat, it serves perfectly as a dresser.

21. door weights that make you want to hug

Instead of using whatever is within reach to keep the door from slamming, the crocheted sandbag-covered weight can very well perform this function and still make everything more beautiful.

22. color harmonization

If the idea is to compose the room with more than one crochet piece, harmonize its colors and let the pieces be the only highlight of the room.

23. giant size

Blankets with giant stitches have become the sensation of the moment, and because they are made with a special wool, they are as comfortable as traditional pieces.

24. making the most of the young lady's room

Rugs are essential in Montessori rooms so that the child can move freely without needing direct contact with the cold floor. Choose a nice model to make the composition even more fun.

25. hanging piggy bank

Look at the versatility of this piece! It can house a plant, serve as an organizer, store magazines and other household stuff, and regardless of their function, they are still perfect decorative objects.

26. high spots covering the glass bottle

Craftsmanship also works very well to create a use for disposable materials.

27. a piece for life

Make your dining room or kitchen even more elegant with a striking tablecloth. You can bet that your decor will have much more personality.

28. children's pouf needs to be fun

So let it be shaped like little bug heads, fruits, or anything else that will get the little ones' imaginations going!

29. appliqué rug

No matter how simple the decoration may be, a different, hand-picked piece can make all the difference in the composition.

30. creative subtitle

And speaking of different, a curtain with appliqués is not at all conventional and will add youthfulness and delicacy to any room.

31. black and white

Include a huge striped rug in your living room and you will have a cozier and more spacious environment.

32. that detail that makes us die of love

How can you not remember your mother's or grandmother's house with such a beautiful and cute little piece? The tea party with cookies will become much more fun and intimate.

33. napkin holders

The texture of crochet is very impactful, and if you don't want to have an environment loaded with information, it is essential to dose its use in the decoration. A table, for example, looks much more charming with a single crocheted object to highlight it.

34. cacti are perfect in any way

And this one doesn't even need watering! This little beauty will liven up a home office table, a bedside table, or a shelf in the living room.

35. delicate as a flower

Those who are more into delicate decoration and are serious about less is more can add simple options, such as a solitaire or a bouquet of crocheted flowers. Don't forget to choose a vase that matches the rest of the decor.

36. sleeping in the clouds

The cushions, made with lace-like stitching, made the bed even more comfortable with a little romantic spice.

37. the colorful bedspread gave the room a sense of joviality

... even with the vintage look it has. The cushions still gave a hint of femininity, and the colors just added more joy.

38. taking the seriousness out of sober furniture

Crochet is not limited only to towels and pillows, and its most special function is to give joy and personality to what we consider conventional.

39. the fashionable stool

It is hard not to fall in love with this little stool. The elongated cover halfway up the feet is a distinguishing feature, and gives the impression that the seat is much larger than it really is.

40. a special corner

You don't have to spend a lot of money to decorate. If you are creative, you can get the desired result without spending a lot of money. Look how stylish a simple sofa made of pallets became with a round crocheted rug and some cushions.

41. styling the room

There are a multitude of different crochet stitches, each of which can perfectly suit the style of decoration.

42. reading and resting corner

If the idea is to include several crocheted objects in one part of the house, choose discreet colors that harmonize.

43 Tone-on-tone treadmill

This model, which looks more like a work of art, was made with crochet circles sewn together.

44. keeping your things with care

The advantage of a handmade piece is the possibility to create it in the size, shape, and color you want.

45. let your blanket show

... even if it is not being used, folded in a special corner shows that the owner of the house has great taste, and becomes part of the decoration in an unpretentious way.

46. a coffee with affection

The above model is the perfect size to accommodate a saucer or a small saucepan.

47. hanging tray

You have probably seen this decorative object in someone's house during your childhood, and it has come back with full force to make a success in the coziest of homes. It is important to install it where it doesn't get too windy, and you can put whatever you want on the tray.

48. little plant version

The plant pots are more evident when suspended, and also a practical solution for those who have little space. Balconies and living room corners are even more beautiful with it!

The little suede cord was the final touch of delicacy that the bright acrylic thread cachepô needed.

50. boho chic

Contemporary Bohemian, better known as Boho Chic, is full of joy and expresses freedom, and craftsmanship is a fundamental part of this stripped-down decorating style.

51. zig zag

Not everything needs to have little flowers or applications in crochet. The pieces can gain colors, geometric shapes, and other creative and innovative patterns that perfectly match the decor.

52. a mandala full of vibrations

Decorating with different, uncluttered accessories is an original way to include the resident's brand in the house and get away from the traditional.

53: Frames full of delicacy

Crocheted picture frames and mirrors are part of the vintage or boho style in a very fun and delicate way.

54. tidying up the crayons

Organizers are essential to keep everything neat and tidy, especially when it comes to children's personal belongings, and if they are within easy reach, it encourages them to keep everything in its proper place.

55. chair covers

They protect the original fabric and add a more personal touch to the decoration. Choose a color that harmonizes with the rest of the fabric to have a perfect result.

56. little flags with names

An innovative way to decorate the baby's or child's room, and that will also serve as a very special keepsake when he or she is older.

57. illuminating with style

The various models of crocheted lamps can be part of different decoration styles, depending on the color, shape, and stitches used in their making. It is also a practical and inexpensive way to repaint some old piece.

58. cutlery organizer

They don't necessarily need to be hidden away in a drawer, do they? They are so cute that they deserve to be included in the decoration of large dining tables.

It is hard to choose after seeing so many beautiful options, but regardless of the final decision, it is worth remembering that any crochet piece will last forever, as long as it receives the proper care for its conservation. Believe me: your children and grandchildren will certainly inherit such preciousness.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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