70 double bedrooms with wallpaper to inspire you to decorate yours

70 double bedrooms with wallpaper to inspire you to decorate yours
Robert Rivera

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Wallpaper is an inexpensive option for revamping a room's decoration. It enables a quick and easy change that can be made even without the help of a professional, by carefully applying the adhesive.

For the architect Juliana Sica, wallpaper is a resource that enables a total renovation in the environment: "It allows a change of pattern and style and is ready quickly, without too much mess", says the professional.

Usually, couples choose delicate, simple and cozy prints, but it is also possible to bet on strong colors, the important thing is to think of the environment as a whole and create a harmonious composition.Sica.

In addition, we must always remember that a double room should reflect the taste and personality of two people, catering to different choices and preferences. Catering to two people at the same time is a difficult task, but with attention it is possible to find a wallpaper model that pleases both parties.

1. you can cover a darker room with wallpaper

Wallpaper is a very simple and practical covering option. It is easy to apply and comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, and prints that can match different styles in the bedroom.

2. and can cover a light room as well

It is possible to cover both dark and light rooms with wallpaper, just choose the pattern that best suits the decoration of the room, thus creating a cozy and harmonious environment.

3. you can use a floral wallpaper

Floral prints are a recurring choice for bedroom coverings. They represent delicacy and sensitivity, which is why many people think that this is a print aimed at the female audience, when in fact, it is perfect for reflecting the couple's romance.

4. or a flocked wallpaper

The word adamascade comes from the fruit and the city of Damascus, and appeared in the 12th century, representing flowers and fruits in its ornaments.

5. padded designs look very nice in more classic rooms

The adamascada print is an elegant, sober and sophisticated print, and for this reason it is present in rooms that have a fine and classic style. It does not go very well with more modern rooms, which break away from the traditional.

6. there are more funky print options

You can be daring when choosing the wallpaper for your double bedroom and opt for a more modern and daring print. There are different stripped and funky prints that can be used in double bedrooms, like the one in the image above that has names of countries, cities, and places written on it.

7. the wallpaper can be textured

In addition to colors, designs and prints, another element that appears in wallpapers is texture. It can appear in a delicate way or in a strong and aggressive way on the wallpaper, depending on the style of covering chosen for the room

8. it is possible to imitate bricks with a patterned wallpaper

Wallpapers have been renewed and innovated in recent years. It is now possible to reproduce a brick wall with wallpaper instead of having to use actual bricks. This pattern is modern, stripped down, and creative.

9. black and white stripes can be used in neutral rooms

Another print that is used a lot in wallpapers, especially for bedrooms, is the striped print. Stripes can be used in the traditional black and white way in neutral rooms, with few colors.

10. and can also be used in rooms with some striking color

Simple stripes, in black and white, for example, can also be used in rooms that have some striking color, such as the room above, which used blue at different points of the decoration. It is necessary to use them with attention and care, without creating exaggeration in the space.

11. there are no black and white stripes only

It is also possible to get away from the basics with stripes, since they do not exist only in neutral tones. Stripes can create wallpapers with striking colors that stand out in the room where they are applied.

12. you can use a wallpaper with colored stripes

This room used four colors in the striped wallpaper and created a harmonious and fun composition. The wallpaper became the highlight of the room since the rest of the decor is basic and neutral, avoiding exaggeration.

13. wallpaper can cover all the walls of the room

There are many ways to use wallpaper to cover the room. You can choose a pattern to cover all the walls, creating a homogeneous environment. Be careful not to choose a pattern that is too heavy.

14. can cover only one wall

Wallpaper can also be used to decorate just one of the walls of the room. In this way, the room gets a focal point, which will receive more attention and more emphasis in the room. The colors of the paper need to match the other walls.

15. or you can cover only a part of the wall

Another option for wallpaper is to use it on only part of the wall. The coating becomes a detail in the decoration and allows greater versatility when it comes to choosing the other elements that will compose the environment.

16. you can choose to coat with abstract prints

The abstract prints help create a modern environment, as in this room, and the neutrality of the print helps the composition, making it possible to use other colors in the room.

17. basic prints are usually cozy

"More traditional couples end up choosing more neutral base colors," points Juliana Sica. More basic prints match couples who like more traditional environments, and these prints also contribute to the feeling of comfort and coziness.

18. light colors reflect peace, calmness, and serenity

Light colors are strongly present in this room and are responsible for reflecting peace, calm and serenity. They create a sober and cozy environment only by using white and nude tones both in the wallpaper and in the rest of the decoration.

19. choosing neutral colors allows other parts of the room to stand out

An important advantage of choosing a wallpaper with neutral colors is to be able to invest in the decoration. Neutral colors allow other points in the room to be highlighted, as in the environment above where the flower vase stands out for having stronger colors.

20. mixing shades of nude with colored tones is also an option

This wallpaper mixed nude with a sober shade of green, creating a neutral and light environment. This made possible a bolder choice in the decoration, making use of black in the bedding in a balanced and harmonious way.

21. neutral and basic tones can bring tranquility

The wallpaper used in this double bedroom features drawn circles and a slightly metallic texture, but it is the basic colors that help bring balance and tranquility to the room.

22. gold is the color of sophistication

Gold, for example, is a color that reflects elegance and sophistication. This color is related to gold, to wealth. It is a color that brings energy, nobility, and superiority to the room.

23. green is a balanced color and represents hope

Green is symbolically associated with nature and therefore represents balance, growth, and harmony, as well as having a strong connection with the idea of security. All these characteristics are essential for a long-lasting relationship and can be present in the couple's bedroom.

24. the purple in this wallpaper reflects sobriety

Purple is usually associated with mystery, magic, and spirituality, but the tone present in this room reflects a sober, balanced, and delicate environment. Furthermore, Juliana Sica also points out that "purple and lilac tones help reduce fear and anxiety.

25. brown is a solid tone that softens with the floral details of this pattern

"Brown is always associated with earth and nature. In this print, the solid shade of brown was balanced with a delicate floral print.

26. yellow is an energizing and warm color

"The shade of yellow used in this wallpaper is energizing and inspiring, and also helps to create a warm, calm, and harmonious environment.

27. in this room, only a strip of the wall was covered with paper

The wallpaper pattern chosen for this double bedroom has a brown background and white and yellow flowers drawn on it, and was used to cover just a strip of the bedroom wall, making it a focal point.

28. geometric designs also appear in prints

Geometric prints are another recurring option in double rooms because they help create elegant, modern, and relaxed environments. This style of print allows versatility when it comes to creating amazing compositions.

29. the combination of white and pool blue brought tranquility to the environment

The wallpaper was used in this couple's bedroom to decorate only part of the wall, and the colors chosen in the pattern, blue and white, brought a sense of calm, lightness, and tranquility into the room.

30. using tone on tone pattern is a good choice

This wallpaper used stripes in two shades of brown, one lighter and one darker, and created a sober and elegant environment.

31. match the bedding to the colors of the wallpaper print

It is important to remember that for the composition of a harmonious and coherent environment it is necessary to combine the bedding and the other decorative objects with the wallpaper, as in this environment. In this way, mistakes and exaggerations are avoided.

32. this pattern looks like chalk drawings, but it is wallpaper

This is a modern and up-to-date pattern, which gives the impression that the stripes were drawn with chalk, but the pattern is actually present in the wallpaper. The room looks elegant and contemporary with the chosen colors.

33. prints with phrases are a trendy and modern choice

This double bedroom is a modern, uncluttered and edgy room. The wallpaper was used to cover only part of the wall and was used to break with the darkness created by the black.

34. landscapes can also be wallpapered

In the image above, the paper covers an entire wall of the room with a beautiful and modern natural landscape. Pay attention to the colors in the wallpaper, the bedding, and the decorative objects: they all match and are in harmony.

35. this print is a striking choice

This room would be a simple and basic room without the pattern chosen for the wallpaper. The decor is made of beige and nude tones, so the highlight of the room is the colors present in the floral pattern on the wall.

36. the wallpaper can imitate a lace fabric

This wallpaper has arabesque designs that try to imitate a lace fabric. In this way, the print helps to create a delicate and romantic atmosphere, perfect for a couple in love.

37. or you can simulate a patina painting

The idea of this wallpaper was to simulate a patina painting. This technique usually gives an antique, vintage, and retro look to furniture and walls and is often used in Provençal style decorations.

38. the blue and gold combination is elegant and sophisticated

The blue and gold tones of this wallpaper have a slightly metallic texture that helped create an extremely elegant, classic, and sophisticated environment. These characteristics are reinforced by the decorative objects.

More pictures of wallpaper ideas for double rooms

Still haven't found the perfect wallpaper pattern for your bedroom? Check out more pictures of lovely environments:

39. there are many different wallpaper prints

40. you need to choose the one that best suits the couple's dream room

41 This wallpaper is metallic and has high relief

42. the adamascada prints are a classic option for double rooms

43. they appear in light and neutral tones

44. and can also appear in colored and darker shades

45 This polka dot print is super cool and modern

46 In this coating we see a different way of using stripes

47. wallpaper can take the room out of the basic decorating style

48. floral print is one of the most requested

49. geometric prints are a good choice

50. the wallpaper needs to be in harmony with the rest of the decoration

51. you can match the colors of the wallpaper to the colors of the decor

52. or opt for a more neutral decoration

53: Pink reflects romance and affection

54. and there are several shades of pink that can match your room

55. wallpaper can be just a detail on the wall

56. or you can also cover most of the room

57 Another room that used a sweater pattern

58. another decoration choice that bet and got it right by using purple

59 The brown appears discreetly in this pattern

60. another striped print

61. neutral tones make it possible to use color in the decoration

62. while strong tones require a basic decor

63. you can combine some colors for decoration

64. or you can opt for a classic decoration without many colors

65. the wallpaper can be simpler

66. or have a more prominent print

67. the colors of the wallpaper should guide the decoration

15 Double Room Wallpapers to buy

After so much inspiration, you have probably already realized how beautiful and easy wallpaper can be in a couple's bedroom, so it's time to choose the right model for yours.

1. floral print wallpaper - Trevalla

2. samask wallpaper - Demask

3. white and lead striped wallpaper - Bobinex

4. branch wallpaper - Trevalla

5. floral wallpaper - Muresco

6. cream and gray wallpaper - Muresco

7. high relief wallpaper - Allodi

8. geometric wallpaper - Wallpaper

9. textured wallpaper - Dekor store

10. wallpaper that imitates concrete - Wallpaper

11. blue flower print wallpaper - Encanto

12. purple striped wallpaper - Wallpapers

13. blue wallpaper with white circles - Olist

14. arabesque print wallpaper - Bobinex

15. wallpaper that imitates colored wood - Casa America

Wallpaper is a simple and inexpensive solution for when the desire to change the room arises. There are several models of wallpaper, with a huge variation of colors and prints, just analyze your room and decide which of these models will collaborate with the harmony of space.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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