70 stylish decoration ideas for small apartment room

70 stylish decoration ideas for small apartment room
Robert Rivera

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Decorating the living room of a small apartment is a task that requires attention to every detail in order to make the most of the space.

6 decoration tips for small apartment rooms that will transform your environment

Do you want to decorate the living room of a small apartment? See below the tips from architect Mariana Miranda (CAU A1095463) to make the most of this space:

  • Make a good selection of colors: According to the architect, "vibrant colors tend to give a smaller aspect to already limited spaces, so my suggestion is to bet on neutral tones that give a feeling of amplitude", that is, the choice of colors makes all the difference in the final result of the room.
  • Create a bright environment: Whether natural or artificial, the lighting impacts both the colors of the walls and the furniture. The architect's tip is to bet on track lighting fixtures for the feeling of depth or wall lighting for specific focuses.
  • Choose the right furniture: For the architect, "using long pieces of furniture in narrow rooms and sofas with "palito" feet, which make the room lighter, can be a great bet. In addition, Mariana recommended the use of shelves on the wall and taller bookshelves as an alternative to take advantage of the available space.
  • Invest in curtains: the curtain brings a feeling of comfort, especially when used in light tones and materials. but if you're not a fan, the architect said that this choice depends more on the style and taste of each person than the size of the space. in this case, you can use a blackout adhesive on the windows to ensure more privacy and avoid sun rays at certain times.
  • Go for the elements: rugs, pictures, and other decorative objects cannot be missing in the list of those who are looking for a well-crafted living room. bet on details that match the tones of the room to enhance it even more.
  • Go for the mirror trick: According to Mariana, environments with good natural lighting guarantee a better result.

Before you go shopping, take the measurements of the room, get some samples of the colors you want to use in the space, and try to imagine the final result. That way you will be able to create an amazing project!

70 pictures of small apartment living room for all styles

Here are some proposals for decorating a small apartment room for you to be inspired when planning yours:

1. small rooms are very charming

2. and deserve extra attention when planning

3. the furniture must be the right size

4. to fit in with the environment

5. without compromising its circulation

6. some points are of extreme importance

7. how the choice of colors

8. stronger tones tend to enhance the space

9. and can be used both in furniture

10. how much in the painting of the walls

11. have elements that enhance the room

12. for this, try using a rug

13. it makes the room cozier

14. in addition to combining with various room styles

15. try to position it between the rack and the sofa

Demarcating the desired location

18. as in this option

19. the furniture is the highlight of the decoration

20. and should be designed to optimize space

21. bet on empty furniture

22. or divided into two parts

23 For tighter spaces

24. the living room rack can be dispensed with

25. but don't forget to include this piece of furniture

26. because it complements the space

27. serves as a support for other decorations

28. and stores your personal items with style

29. include objects to give personality to the environment

30. how the decorative pictures

31. some plants bring more joy

32. making your home much more special

33. another important point is lighting

34. whether artificial

35. or natural

36. it must be used to enhance the environment

37. and highlight the colors and details

38. moreover, the lighting promotes a sense of spaciousness

39. integrated rooms can be a great choice

40. after all any space needs to be used

41. how about a Germanic chant to complete the mood?

42 The living room and kitchen can also be harmonious together

43. curtains are not a rule

44. you can give them up and make the room lighter

45. or use it elegantly combined with the tones of the room

46. take advantage of every available corner

47. including very modern coffee tables

48. or the stylish crocheted puffs

49. enhance the walls with decorative elements

50. 3D coatings are a great bet

51. just like the nice little bricks

52. think of an alternative that brings lightness

53. and that it is adherent to the proposed style

54. plan the entire space to ensure good circulation

55. and always thinking about comfort

56. with cozy sofas

57. and a good quality carpentry

58. your small apartment room can be more rustic

59 Why not something more modern?

60. you can unleash your creativity in a small space

61. it's even worth betting on the industrial style

62. include objects that are part of your routine

63. to create the identity of the environment

64. in a light and relaxed way

65. the living room will surely be your new favorite place

66. ideal for relaxation

67. enjoy an afternoon with friends

68. and watch a lot of movies

69. the possibilities are endless

70 that will help you create a spectacular room!

As you can see, details are the main point when it comes to planning a small apartment living room.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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