80 ways and tutorials of decorating with TNT for a perfect decoration

80 ways and tutorials of decorating with TNT for a perfect decoration
Robert Rivera

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Decorating with TNT is very versatile and can be used in many occasions. This material is famous for being easy to work with and low cost, so in this post you will see 80 ways to use it in decoration and amazing tutorials on how to do it. Check it out!

80 photos of decoration with TNT to be a hit

TNT is a very cheap and easy way to decorate. Besides, it is very versatile. After all, it can be used from party decorations to home decorations. So, here are 80 ideas to use this material:

1. decorating with TNT is very versatile

2. this material is easy to work with

3. it is widely used in handicrafts

Its name means "nonwoven fabric".

5. it is usually made of plastic fibers

6. which are glued with heat and pressure

7. this material can be used in several occasions

8. for example, see decoration with TNT at a children's party

9. it can be used in various elements

10. as in the stamped panel

11. it helps to complete the party

12. and give more color to the environment

13 However, the use of TNT is not restricted

14. i.e., it doesn't have to be just a children's party

15. it goes well in many cases

16. the decoration with TNT for birthday is an example of this

It can be done in several ways

18. as is the case of a printed panel

19. she helps complete the party

20. and gives more personality to the decoration

21. this happens on several different topics

22. for example, the afternoon party

23 The use of NW in parties is done in several elements

24. this is the case of the decoration with TNT on the table

25. the colors are infinite

26. this helps when combining the shades

27. just get the color palette right

28. which can be made from the theme of the party

29. as is the case with the boteco party

30. decorating the table helps when thinking about the party

31. and lets the photos look more amazing

32. moreover, the table gives the necessary highlight

33. who should be the focus of the guests

34. however, TNT can stay in more places

35. how to decorate with TNT on the wall

36 This is done when the idea is to change an environment

37. even if only temporarily

38. currently there is printed TNT

39. which further increases the possibilities

40. don't forget to match the colors

41. and not to choose the ideal theme

42. remember that TNT is not such a durable material

43. this makes the decorations with it temporary

44 However, this is not a bad thing

45. there is a positive point in this

46 It can be used in temporary decorations

47. as is the case of decoration with TNT in the bedroom

48. in this case, it is ideal for a themed room

49. which may have its decoration changed

50. it can also serve as wallpaper

51. but it will come out more easily

52. and can be changed with time

53. as is the case of this room

54. see the plant print

55. this gives another aspect to the environment

56 However, it is possible to go further

57. and use the TNT in another part

58 With this, it is possible to have more decoration possibilities

59. how to decorate with TNT on the ceiling

60 In this case, the idea is to be able to innovate

61. and have a unique environment

62. with more customization

63 In addition, it is possible to change the environment completely

64. this can be done from time to time

65. since it does not harm the original paint as much

66. as with the wallpaper

67. however, this decoration does not need to be flashy

68. so, see how to decorate with simple TNT

69 It is most evident in a festive decoration

70. because then it is possible to have a minimalist party

71. with less detail

72. but with a lot of charm

73 This is evident from the colors chosen

74. which are usually light tones

75. or pastries

76. regardless of what is chosen

77. one thing will always be certain

78. decorating with TNT is very versatile

79 To use it, one thing is enough

80. a lot of creativity and dedication

So many incredible ideas, isn't it? They make you want to start decorating right now, so why don't you watch the selected videos to understand well what should be done?

How to decorate with TNT

It is necessary to plan what is going to be done when putting together any decoration, even if the material is easy to work with, such as TNT, so check out the selected tutorials to learn how to decorate using this material.

Handicrafts with TNT

Everyone knows that TNT is a very versatile material, but just saying that doesn't do much good. Thus, the DIY Moda Fashion channel shows 12 ways to transform TNT into handicrafts. The ideas range from party decorations to shoe racks.

Non-woven party curtain

When preparing a party, it is necessary to decorate with great care. In some cases, it is necessary to resort to other elements that are not available. For example, the curtains. For this, how about learning how to make a TNT curtain. So, watch the video by artisan Jackeline Tomazi.

How to glue TNT on the wall

Not everyone can glue wallpaper, either for taste or any other reason, so TNT is a way to decorate without damaging the original painting. To learn how to glue and have an amazing result, check out this video from Virei Gente Grande channel.

How to make a TNT towel

The TNT can also be used to decorate the table, especially the cake table at a party. In this case, the decorator Elieny Nascimento teaches how to make a tablecloth using the non-woven fabric. Check it out!

The use of TNT in decoration is becoming more and more common. However, it has long been used to decorate parties and other celebrations. This is because this material can only be used temporarily, so here are some ideas for a simple 15th birthday party.

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