Add more charm and personality to your home with antique furniture

Add more charm and personality to your home with antique furniture
Robert Rivera

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Decorating the house with antique furniture is a good option for those who are looking for a unique look for the environment. Being able to appear in any room of the house, even in its exterior, betting on a refurbished item gives more personality and beauty to the home.

Among the advantages in choosing to use this type of furniture in decoration, it is possible to highlight the good durability and often the superior quality of its raw material, allowing it to receive adaptations such as a new paint job or different textures, and also the story that the furniture tells.

If this is a piece of furniture that has been passed down from generation to generation, it still has a new meaning, guaranteeing good memories to the residents. But, also, nothing prevents the piece from being purchased in a store specializing in the sale of used products, or garimped at flea markets or antique stores: the result is always impressive, guaranteeing a design with a vintage air and full of charm to the space.

An antique piece of furniture can receive a complete overhaul, changing its interior and exterior. But if you want to keep the original look of the furniture, you can simply perform a restoration, including the process of sanding and a new coat of varnish. Check out the following selection of beautiful environments using antique furniture in decoration and get inspired to bring more charm to your home with these pieces:

1. a child's room full of history

Despite having a panel with colorful and lively painting, the room received furniture in dark tones using only antique pieces. Ideal for telling a story, the combination of these items ensures a nostalgic environment, but without forgetting the necessary charm to the baby's room.

2. add refurbished armchairs for a charming look

With a decoration predominantly in shades of beige, to contrast with the modern style visualized in the straight line sofa and in the mirrored centerpiece, the wooden armchairs were given new upholstery, according to the color chosen for the environment.

3. a grandmother's dressing table

A traditional item in every young woman's bedroom, the dressing table has kept its air of grandma's furniture, with a vintage design and wood in dark tones.

4. adding refinement and glamour to the room

This type of chest of drawers, also known as bombê, is a piece of furniture of French origin, widely used to guarantee a breathtaking look in any room. Its carved or marquetry details make the difference. It can receive a coat of paint, or still remain in its original tone, with just one coat of varnish.

5. a retro environment

In this room, almost all the furniture is of antique design. The large crystal cabinet is the main highlight, accommodating everything from crystal tableware and glasses to decorative objects inside. The large table and its minimalist-style chairs follow the same style.

6. a colorful corduroy for a stylish runner

Again this singular looking chest of drawers was chosen to beautify the room. In this version, painted in a cherry color and with gold details, it adds even more refinement. Since it is at the end of the hallway, the piece still takes advantage of a space that is usually left aside in the residence. How about using paint to renew and have colorful furniture at home?

7. how about a differentiated dining table?

In addition to its antique look, the shape of this table ensures that it steals the limelight in the large room. Accompanied by chairs in the same style, it was positioned on a neutral striped rug, often used in the 80's and 90's.

8. the classic style with a new twist

This armchair is the ideal piece of furniture to break the seriousness of a sober environment, with straight lines and mirrored furniture.

9. bringing more warmth into the environment

The wood-burning stove is responsible for dividing the spaces, and the large table with a retro look accommodates a good number of people to taste the delicacies prepared in the kitchen next door.

10. a stylish sideboard

Here, in addition to the armchair in shades of white and gold to ensure more charm to the environment, another highlight is the old sideboard reformed for an updated and beautiful style.

11. an environment worthy of royalty

In this room, classic references and antique furniture are everywhere: from the sofa in vibrant red, to the armchairs full of details, and the vintage coffee table. A special highlight is the statue in the background, adding drama to the room.

12. the details in gold make the furniture stand out

The armchairs are the ideal choice of antique furniture for those looking to add an antique touch without weighing down the room. Here the pair was given gold paint details and upholstered in a black textured fabric, matching the sober style of the room.

13. caramel ambiance, full of comfort

The tone chosen to predominate in this environment was caramel brown, being observed both in the classic leather sofa and in the wood tone chosen for the furniture.

14. ideal for those who are not afraid to dare

This striking looking room has adopted the soft gothic decoration style as the chosen one, ensuring a prominent environment in the residence. For this, the antique style chairs with black upholstery make a perfect set with the table in the same color.

15. classic armchair and leather models

The Louis XV armchair is a European piece that provides nobility and refinement to the decoration. With a design similar to the original, containing few changes, it usually has beautiful wood carvings, and can keep its original color, as in this environment, or even get a coat of paint.

16. any corner gains extra charm

Another example of how this style of armchair can be used to transform any corner of the home: here the wood has been patinated and varnished, giving the piece a charming gradient.

17. an environment with varied styles

While the caramel leather armchairs ensure comfort, the flowered chaise enchants, and the dark blue painted cupboard brings the look up to date.

18. breaking the monotony of the headboard

In this room with two single beds, only one headboard is used, unifying the room. With niches on both sides, it becomes a kind of stylized bedside table. To break the predominance of this piece of furniture, the green chest of drawers provides the necessary extra charm to the room.

19. the great highlight of the environment

Here, the comfortable armchair demonstrates its full potential by being positioned in the corner of the bedroom, becoming a point of reference and style in the room.

20. for a contemporary look: black

Using the color black is a great option to update an old piece of furniture, adding style and modernity to it. Here, the armchairs received the tone in both the wood carving and the upholstery, and by being positioned next to the ornate fireplace, they balanced the look.

21. rustic chic style

To add refinement to this farmhouse, the living room has a high ceiling, giving the room amplitude. Mixing the rustic decoration with wood ceiling and exposed beams, the decoration also bets on the use of antique furniture such as the armchair and the caramel sofa to complement the look.

22. bedroom in light tones

Here the antique furniture makes a difference. The headboard has a weft detail, which was given a coat of white paint to soften the look. The bedside table follows the same style, with long feet and framed drawers. The geometric wallpaper complements the decoration.

23. impress who enters your home

Nothing like making a good impression right away, right? And that is exactly the effect that results from using this beautiful duo of armchairs in turquoise blue. Opting for the gold finish was the master trick for a breathtaking look.

24. classic style in every detail

In the living room, furniture such as the dark brown capitoned sofa, the armchairs with gold carvings, and the mini dresser in bombé don't deny its style, while the chandelier, the armchairs, and the flowered curtain in black and white set the tone in the dining room.

25. beauty in every detail

For this small dining table, its base was given soft designs and a dark tone, in addition to a glass top that helps protect the wood from possible scratches and damage. The armchairs are a show apart: the gold combined with the light-colored fabric ensures sophistication to the room.

26. a sofa and nothing else

This is a fine example of how a beautiful piece of furniture does not need any complement to embellish the room.

27. classic style: from wallpaper to chandelier

Another beautiful example of how the classic style of decoration is a sure option to bet on furniture with an antique look: here, it appears from the crystal chandelier and adamascado wallpaper to the table and chairs medallion style. Special emphasis is given to the chairs in different colors at the ends of the table.

28. reuse is the word of law

There is nothing like taking a piece of furniture or a special decorative item and giving it a new look. Besides saving money and practicing sustainability, it ensures that it will still perform its function, but with a new look. Here the hourglass-shaped stools were given a white fabric covering.

29. two styles in one environment

Small in size, this very well planned environment integrates dining room, TV room, and kitchen, all in perfect harmony.

30. environment full of visual information

This is the perfect environment for those who like to tell a story in every corner of the room. The decorative styles are mixed, there is no predominant tone or material, but rather unique design and beauty.

31. sober colors and differentiated details

In order for this single bedroom to accommodate two beds, its walls were given a floral motif wallpaper in shades of blue. In keeping with the tone, the old headboards were repainted and, along with the natural weave, ensure that feeling of coziness provided by furniture full of stories.

32. add mirrors

One of the most used restoration techniques nowadays is to renew the furniture's look by covering it with mirrors. Whether in a continuous form, geometric shapes, or in small portions, this effect will guarantee modernity to an item full of memories and stories to tell.

33. more charm... impossible!

As the china cabinet is a traditional and timeless piece of furniture, having a constant presence in most homes over time, nothing beats restoring this functional item by adding a coat of clear paint, adding beauty to the dining room.

34. the furniture can gain new functionalities

The piece of furniture in question was originally an extendable table: the top was unfolded, doubling its size and accommodating a larger number of people.

35. look for unique designs

Another advantage of using antique furniture in decoration is the possibility of finding exclusive designs, custom-made or according to the needs of its former owner, something out of the ordinary and that will guarantee a different look to your home.

36. unleash your imagination

Another project that uses the idea of finding new uses for old furniture, here the old chest of drawers has been delicately painted and is used as a bathroom cabinet, which is ideal to provide the room with more charm and a differentiated look.

37. a good paint job makes the difference

This kitchen elected white as the predominant color, so there is nothing better than choosing furniture in the same tone to maintain harmony in the environment, therefore, both the stools and the dining table and chairs got a new look when painted with this color.

38. something not currently seen

Just as novelties appear in the decoration market at every moment, decorative pieces and furniture go in and out of fashion constantly. Because of this, to get a piece of furniture that had its production discontinued, the only way to get it is to go to specialized antique stores.

39. new color and new function

This small cabinet had its look renewed when it was repainted with a new matte cherry paint. Its knobs were kept in the original shade, contrasting with the furniture. If in the past it was used to store its owner's belongings, now it holds the drinks from this stylish bar.

40. warm tones for a charming environment

Here, both the cabinet and the armchairs in natural weft remained in their original tone and version, due to the good conservation of the materials. To complement the environment, the warm tone applied to the wall adds more charm and personality to the room.

41. style contrast

The kitchen has a contemporary style, with handle-less cabinets in white, clear acrylic chairs, and stainless steel appliances. To add a contrast and bring more history to the place, an imposing hardwood cabinet was used.

42. from old-fashioned to luxurious

With a unique style, this armchair in wood and weft was given the refinement and sophistication necessary to harmonize with the environment by having a white fur coat positioned on its arm. The rustic bench guarantees good moments by the fireplace.

43. a bar with style and history

The old rectangular table was restored and varnished, gaining a shine that draws the attention of those who admire it. If before its function was to accommodate meals, now it has been transformed into a beautiful and stylish sideboard and bar, with contemporary decorative items and making a difference to the environment.

More pictures of beautiful environments using antique furniture for decoration

Do you still need inspiration for using this type of furniture in your home? Then check out some more stylish environments below:

44 Mirror, stool and sideboard to decorate the room

45 The velvet upholstery gave charm to the piece

46. and why not play with prints?

47. the original tone makes the side table even more beautiful

48. an environment decorated only with antique furniture

49. an ensemble in hamony

50. using the trunk as a coffee table is a great idea

51. how about this piece of furniture full of functionality?

52. the color added to the background completely changed the look of the piece

53. mixtures of styles and ethnicities

54. sideboard with beautiful carvings

55. how about mixing different designs?

56 - The glass cabinet has a new function in the bedroom

57. painting the cabinets in light green gave an updated look

58 The crystal cabinet adds charm to the entrance hall

59: How about this piece of furniture with an irreverent look?

60. the large closet was given a shade of yellow to contrast with the predominant lilac

61. the light tabletop stands out on the dark cabinet

62. a cradle with an air of nobility

63 The bombé chest of drawers also has a marble top

64. lots of gold and details in this buffet

65 Here even the lampshade has the status of an antique

66. beauty and antique furniture even in the exterior of the residence

67. contrasts of styles and colors

68 This piece of furniture has been kept in its original look

69. changing the upholstery makes the difference in this type of furniture

70 The stone top makes the furniture more interesting

71- Adding a vibrant color transforms the environment

72. antique objects harmonize with this type of furniture

73. vintage-looking desk and chair

74. all ground-floor cabinets are old style

75. the lacquered finish renews the look

76. this handle model is a classic of the vintages kitchens

77 - Painted red, the chairs became even more striking

78. beautiful contrast between black and caramel

79 The light tone of the plot highlights the chairs

80. luxury and refinement in the headboard and chest of drawers

81. a breathtaking headboard

82. highlight for the boldness in the center chair

83. beautiful retro desk

84 The colorful living room shows off the retro upholstery

85 - A charming bathroom cabinet

86. the crystal cabinet was given a beautiful shade of yellow

87. a piece of furniture like this makes all the difference

88. contrasts of styles

Whether it's a new piece of furniture with a classic style, or an antique loaded with memories and stories, adding antique furniture to your home decor can be the missing touch that was missing to guarantee more charm and beauty to your home environments.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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