Cottagecore: simplicity and coziness as a lifestyle

Cottagecore: simplicity and coziness as a lifestyle
Robert Rivera

With the emergence of the pandemic, people had to adapt their professional and personal routines to their homes, looking to interior decoration in search of comfort and practicality. In this scenario, cottagecore - a decoration style very common in country houses - started to be more talked about and has become increasingly frequent in scenarios concerning architecture and lifestyle.

What is cottagecore?

According to Alan Godoi, architect of Studio Panda, cottagecore is a lifestyle, since it reflects not only on clothing, but also on living, eating and large metropolises".

In interior design we can see cottagecore present in comfort, affective decoration, nostalgia brought by family memories, among other characteristics pointed out below.

Characteristics of cottagecore aesthetics

"A strong characteristic of cottagecore is the dedication to free time, as in rural life, for example. With the pandemic, we have more free time again and, with this, we see possibilities for a simpler, lighter, healthier life," explains Alan.

The architect believes that the period of seclusion awakened in people gifts they didn't even know they had, such as cooking, handicrafts, and caring for plants.

"These activities brought back a lot of emotional baggage, like memories that may have been experienced or that may have been created from reading, movies, etc. That smell of bread in the oven, the wooden table with a linen tablecloth, fresh spices being picked for food preparation. A garden with a wicker basket and a tablecloth, the smell of the earth, of the countryside, all of this creates anostalgic atmosphere, like the cottagecore lifestyle," adds the architect.

Materially speaking, we can say that cottagecore is marked by the following characteristics:


Natural fabrics, such as linen, tulle, and cotton are present in clothes, towels, pillows, curtains, and bedding, evoking the country life.


For Alan, off-white, blue, green, and earthy tones are very striking in cottagecore, always worn and as natural as possible, like the aesthetics found in the countryside.


"For walls, rustic finishes are well accepted. Paintings with irregular textures, rustic wood, even a painted taipa pestle wall goes very well with the style. On the ceiling, details such as scissors and rustic wood beams also fit in," Alan points out.


Alan explains that rustic stones and wood are great options: "Bet on a floor, because it will bring the feeling of wood, unlike laminate floors.


For the furniture, rusticity reigns. Wood becomes a classic, and the more rustic, the better. Alan also bets on other materials that don't dispense with the wear and tear of time, such as iron and antique china knobs. For the upholstered furniture, bet on Victorian-style pieces, whether for armrests, chests of drawers, cabinets, or a bed headboard.


For the decoration in a general context, the professional bets on details that we commonly call "farm decoration": "Pictures with wooden frames and floral motifs are indicated, as well as cushions with rustic fabric, bangs, and floral fabric. Details such as worn mirrors, music boxes, and a beautiful antique record player only add to the decoration".


"Here, the idea is that, besides being beautiful, the landscaping should also be functional, combining ornamental plants with edible plants and spices. This will help bring rural smells and flavors into your home," suggests the architect. Although this is a tip aimed at houses, nothing prevents the balcony of an apartment from also being properly adapted to the style within its limitations.


The food also enters the cottagecore aesthetic, especially with traditional recipes: "Do you know that delicious cake your grandmother used to make? That bread or the fresh curd? Use the recipes that are easily accessible on the internet and bring this healthy food into your home", adds Alan.


For Alan, "tulle, bows, and a nice hat are also a must. On the feet? a very delicate sandal will help compose the look".


The bicycle is the most used means of transportation in cottagecore, especially if it has a retro aesthetic. "Bet on a beautiful bike with a wooden saddle and a front basket to carry fruits bought at the market or even flowers. The practice is charming, besides being very well aligned with sustainable habits", concludes the architect.

The cottagecore trend can inspire your life completely or only in one detail or another. However, how the features will be applied in your daily life will be determined by you and no one else, for even this freedom is part of the aesthetic.

Videos about cottagecore and country aesthetics

The following videos show the whole cottagecore atmosphere in decoration and how this country influence brings to the home a feeling of simple, comfortable, and history-laden living. Check it out.

How to include cottagecore in your decoration

In the video, the vlogger explains what the main decoration trends are within this aesthetic, called "country style", and how it can be implemented in interior design, carrying history and coziness.

Tour of cottagecore cuisine

Decorated with simplicity and natural materials, this small kitchen is presented by the vlogger with all the details in evidence: the wooden floor, the wicker baskets exposed on the countertop, the crockery accommodated on the open shelf, and other details that brought cottagecore inspirations to the decoration.

Cottagecore in Brazil: the union of rustic aesthetics with Brazilian reality

Here, Cristina Maia pays a visit to a rustic house, precisely decorated in the cottagecore decoration style and adapted to the Brazilian reality.

Defining life in the cottagecore style guarantees not only a routine with healthy habits, but also a home full of warmth and history.

Where you can buy cottagecore items on the internet

From decorative objects to rustic furniture, the items found online will help you create the cottagecore aesthetic in your home, while respecting your personal taste and budget. Check out the options at the following stores:

  1. Camicado
  2. Mobly
  3. Wood Wood
  4. Mappin
  5. Aliexpress

You can also look for iron-made elements, checkered or linen towels, and country-themed bedding, among other things on the indicated sites.

15 pictures of cottagecore decorations to fall in love with

The inspirations in this gorgeous list reproduce the whole cottagecore atmosphere in its best version: comfort, simplicity and rusticity brought together in a totally intimate environment. Check it out!

1. a kitchen like this will take you back in time

2. like this room, decorated mainly with wooden furniture

3. the tableware displayed on the shelf creates an intimate atmosphere

4. besides bringing the simplicity of the countryside to the decoration

5. see how different fabrics and textures are part of this environment

6. in the bathroom, the colors influence a lot on the composition

7. the painted wood floor represents the country aesthetic very well

8. flowers cannot be missing in this delicate decoration

9. checkered fabrics are a classic

10. the cozier, the better!

11. natural light is one of the hallmarks of the concept

12. the romantic wallpaper perfectly matching the provençal furniture

13. lace, crochet, and lots of wood!

14. this is a version clean for the living room with cottagecore inspiration

And don't forget: floral prints and earthy tones are a must!

To compose a cottagecore environment, bet on elements that represent your and your family's history, such as a rustic sofa, a handmade curtain, wooden furniture, among other items that make sense in the narrative of your life.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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