Crocheted quilt: charts, tutorials and 70 ideas to inspire you

Crocheted quilt: charts, tutorials and 70 ideas to inspire you
Robert Rivera

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The crocheted bedspread is one of the new favorites of bedroom decoration, because the fame of DIY has proliferated on the internet.

Moreover, the crochet bedspread is not only good for heating: it can make the room more stylish and cozy. Therefore, check out some models and learn how to make this piece in your home.

Crocheted quilt with chart

Little by little and with practice, it becomes much easier to visualize the charts. They help you understand the path to be taken and, especially, which stitch to use for each chosen quilt. We have separated 3 examples to help you in this process. Check them out:

Heart Square

For those who are experts in crochet, the word square is very well known. It means square and, by putting it together, it is possible to form a beautiful quilt. In this model, you can learn in detail how to make a heart-shaped square, which can be made to decorate your home or also as a gift for a loved one.

Flower Square

The amazing thing about flowers is that they can make a beautiful quilt for both children and adults, just by playing with the crochet stitches and colors. In this particular chart, you will learn how to make a flower with four petals.

Lacy Crochet Quilt

The lace format is very delicate and will win everyone over. This pattern is a little more complex to make, but not impossible. The chart below will help you, in detail, how to make this beautiful quilt. Learn now!

With these charts, there is no excuse, right? It will be much easier to produce your quilt right now!

70 beautiful and cozy crocheted quilt designs

To make the idea easier and to know how to insert it into your decoration, check out 70 crochet bedspread models for all styles: from the most stripped down to the most rustic and modern.

1. the crocheted bedspread goes with the most varied styles

2. this mixture is beautiful, isn't it?!

3. the traditional one, with half open stitches

4. for those who ask for delicacy, crochet is also valid

5. this one is for those who like delicacy

6. the crochet detail neutralizes the blue bedspread

7. Who can resist these flowers?

8. crochet can be used in men's rooms too

9. classic crocheted quilt: we love it

10. look how many details in a single piece!

11. use a thicker thread and neutral colors if the idea is to decorate the bed in winter

12- Those open rose dots are amazing, aren't they?

13. the so-called "squares", or squares, when joined together give a special touch to the quilt

14. black, in itself, brings an elegant air to the room

15. how about filling your bed with colors?

16. it can be combined with other tones of the room

17. look at these overlapping flowers, how charming!

18. the mixture of components with the quilt differentiates the decoration

19. innovate in the stitches and colors arranged

20. beautiful single bed quilt

21. harmonize the colors and make your room more cheerful

22. How about including some flowers on the raw quilt?

23. Who resists these points?

24: What room could be more cheerful than this?

25. this model is ideal for those who want to give a more rustic tone to the room

26. dare to mix colors and prints

27. Do you see how the color and shape of the bedspread can converse with the furniture in the room?

28. a shower of colors to brighten up the decor

29. with tighter stitches, the quilt can become a great blanket

30. these colored squares are too beautiful

31 - How can you not fall in love with this combination?

32. for a room with two beds, it is worth combining the bedspreads

33. these open stitches are very charming

34. many exciting details

35. a colored bedspread is great for those who want to brighten up or renew their room

36 The delicacy of these flowers enchants the bed

37 This model brings a lightness to the room

Who says you can't mix the colors of the squares?

39. a lot of luxury for just one quilt

40. delicacy lives in the colors and details

41. for children's rooms, play with colors

42 With a bedspread like this you don't even need to decorate your room, do you?

43 This lace crochet brings sophistication and delicacy at the same time

44. quilt in raw color but with super elaborate stitching

45: This model with more open stitches is amazing, isn't it?

46 We love this flower quilt option

47 This quilt with colored hexagons is amazing

48. for the most daring people, red is worth

49. we love rustic models too!

50. this mix of squares is awesome

51. the antique pink bedspread: perfect for the classics

52- We love this quilt: the hexagon pattern and the mix of colors

53: Look how beautiful this model made in recycled wool

54. black can also be an option for children's rooms

55. we love colors

56. this tone is passionate

57 In addition to the crochet details throughout the room, this bed is a treat, isn't it?

58. what about this delicate mix of colors?

59 These pinks are too much

60. traditional stitch and color of a crocheted quilt

61. use your creativity for the bedspread and the pillows

62. these gray divisions add even more beauty to the piece

63: Mixing beige and brown is a no-brainer!

64 Children will surely love these quilts

65. if you want to neutralize the bed, place the quilt only halfway up the bed

66. you are wrong if you think that flowers are only for children's beds

67. color and liveliness for the room

68 - Know how to combine the colors to obtain a beautiful result

69. crocheted quilts bring a sense of nostalgia and family memories

70 These personalized squares bring a difference to the quilt

If you already know how to crochet and want to venture into this, it's time to lose your fear and start using this manual art to decorate your bed. For those who are still beginners, check out these tips and inspirations and start this art right now!

Crochet Quilt: Step by Step

Those who think that these quilts can only be made by artisans specialized in crochet are wrong. With patience, creativity and willpower, you can make a beautiful and unique piece at home. Check out 5 tutorials that can help you in this process:

Lacy Crochet Quilt

In this video, the producer shows the first part of creating a crocheted lace quilt.

Double Crochet Quilt

Here, you will learn how to make an amazing couple's quilt. The producer explains how to create each square and how to join them together in a practical and efficient way. She also shows which thread is used and how the final result looks like.

Crochet Flower Quilt

In this video you will learn how to make the flower that makes up the square of the crocheted bedspread.

Single crocheted bedspread

Here, the language of the producer is very easy to understand and, as she does each point, there is a detailed explanation. Before continuing the next process, she shows us the result so that there are no doubts and we can go to the next step without difficulty!

Patchwork Crochet Quilt

In this video, you learn how to make each butterfly and join them together in the final product. The explanation is very didactic, and with a lot of dedication and care, it is possible to have an effective result.

So, what do you think of these tips? Start making them right now and make your new quilts look great. Check out some incredible ideas for crocheting towels and make your home even more beautiful.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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