Decoration with plants: see how to include it in your project with a lot of style

Decoration with plants: see how to include it in your project with a lot of style
Robert Rivera

Green is a color that stands out in the decoration. It is responsible for bringing tranquility, balance, lightness, joy, and warmth to the home, and the most charming - and, literally, natural - way to bring the tone indoors is, without a doubt, to include plants in the environment.

To obtain the best result for this proposal, it is necessary to find out which species best suits your decoration style, and also which will best adapt to the inside area of the property, preferably those that do not need much light to survive, such as raffia, Adam's rib, Bromeliad, Singonium, and Marantas. Also analyze which species best fits your lifestyle:if your routine is too hectic, it is worth looking for plants that require little care, as is the case with cacti and succulents. But if you are looking for a hobby that relaxes you, don't hesitate to adopt a little plant that needs more attention: caring for each one will be rewarding!

Now get to know some great decoration ideas that include the most diverse types of plants for indoor areas:

1. potted plants

If space allows, invest in a large species that will masterfully occupy the place where it will be installed, or place the vase on top of a piece of furniture that will highlight it. And don't forget to perfect the type and style of the vase, huh?

That little corner between one sofa and another

The gold vase brought a perfect balance between the brown leather of one sofa and the velvety gray of the other. The green gives an extra freshness to the decoration, especially with the extensive foliage up to the ceiling.

More freshness to the dining room

The room has few sober furnitures, but essential to produce a clean decoration and, at the same time, comfortable due to the choice of materials and colors.

An explosion of colors

And speaking of tropical, there is nothing more fun than to include cheerful colors in the decoration and natural materials that refer to our climate and culture.

A cactus for the Nordic room

Cacti are excellent plants for those who live on the run, because they adapt to any type of environment and do not need to be watered very often.

The Adam's Rib is very much in evidence

A Hygge-style reading corner should have all the necessary touches to keep the room warm and cozy: a cozy rug, an armchair with comfortable fabric, and of course, no shortage of small plants. Here, the Adam's Rib, one of the most in evidence at the moment, is the main focus of the space.

2. pictures with plants

There are two different options for this style: either you can create a living picture, with natural plants, as we teach in this post here, or you can choose the leaf you like the most and frame it. Here are some examples:

Framed Leaves in Glass

Before framing your favorite sheet of paper, you need to do a little treatment to ensure that the comic doesn't get damaged over time. Place it between two sheets of baking paper or paper towels and leave it for a few weeks in a heavy book. If you prefer a quicker method, leave it for a couple of days in direct sunlight.

Choose your favorite frame

After your leaf is just right, it's time to have it framed. The finishing is up to your personal taste: you can include it in a frame with a neutral background, or ask to have it placed between two panes of glass, for a double-sided effect.

Frame with natural plants

To water the little plants without making a mess, you need to take the picture off the wall and place it on a flat surface during the procedure. After a few minutes you are free to hang the picture back in its place.

Install your comic on a wall where the sun shines from time to time

Or if you prefer to leave it in a low-light location, take it out at least once a week to take that bath of natural light, essential to avoid pests and revitalize its leaves.

Fern Frame

The fern maintenance is a little more labor intensive, as it needs to be watered more frequently. But the result is magnificent, and taking care of them will become an extremely relaxing hobby. To ensure its durability, install the pot in a cool, well-ventilated place.

3. hanging plants on supports

The idea has been around since our grandmothers' time, for sure, and is the most practical way to include these beauties in the environment.

The fern was suspended by macramê string

I'm sure you've seen this option at some relative's house! The A-shaped stand is very popular and is not only a decorative item for gardens and balconies: it looks great inside the house as well.

Hanging from the ceiling

Still on the subject of macramé, the craft technique can be done in many different styles and materials.

The delicacy of geometric shapes

The concrete vases with an iron base have fallen in love with those who love the Scandinavian and industrial style, and not for nothing: they are cute! The brick wall of this project was made even more beautiful with the composition of these three items of different sizes.

Floating tray

The perfect place to install a floating tray is in a place out of the reach of children and distracted people. Choose the most beautiful vases in your house to gain prominence in this high point of the house, so you guarantee much more charm and delicacy in your decoration.

That special corner of the room

The French hand is another cheap and practical resource to hang your plant with the macramé support. Available in different shapes, sizes, and colors, it is perfect to be the support of any pot. Just choose your favorite corner and install it on the nearest wall.

4. vertical garden

They have come full force to optimize not only balcony space, but also hallways, dining room, winter garden and any other room you want to include more green and more love. There are hundreds of different models on the market, from the traditional iron supports, to the more modern ones (and in the best 'do it yourself' style) made of crates and bed frames - theThe choice will depend on your decorating style.

The versatility of a pallet

In the project above, the architect assembled a vegetable garden with pallets that is super accessible for those who are in the kitchen, and the spices planted are described in each pot, an extra charm, and that serves as glue for beginners in the kitchen. Practical and without taking up space.

In the bathroom you can also

Species that require a lot of moisture are perfect for the bathroom. Notice how the clean and sophisticated environment has not lost its charm with the inclusion of the vertical garden next to the bathtub.

Showing off in the dining room

The contemporary decor of the dining room integrated with the kitchen gained a rudimentary touch with the hanging garden arranged beside the table. The pots were hung directly on the wall, and the wooden beams created a division between its levels.

Gourmet area with a variety of plants

An entire column was dedicated to this vertical garden in the gourmet area of the house, which had ferns as a background for the three flower pots. The project was completely included in the architecture of the environment.

In the living room

The four tiers of ferns above the sideboard added life to this charming living room. The location where the vertical garden was installed is ideal for this species, as the window next to it provides natural lighting on a regular basis to the little plants.

5. green corner

Gather your favorite little plants in a place just for them in a special room. It can be on shelves, on a shelf, stools, or tables, everything will depend on the size of the space and also on your decoration style.

In the middle of the room

The colors of the pots are a perfect match for the huge painting next to it, and complement the rudimentary look of the aged green bookcase.

The corner on the rack

The furniture also serves as an excellent support for your green living room area. In this project, the corner had small iron supports, vases that complement the decoration, and a corner table to expand the proposal.

Bookcase, stand and stool

If space allows, you can make a mix of options, as in this image. And if the stairs in your house are a little bit bulky, why not use them as pot holders? You will certainly love the result.

A safe place just for them

This glass-door cabinet has become a real refuge for the little plants in this house. The inside of the cabinet has special lighting, highlighting them even more during the night. This is a good solution for those who have naughty animals at home that love to "experiment" with their plants.

Adding value to the space with paintings

The corner of the room has gained a lot more personality with the addition of this painting that has everything to do with the theme. The composition can be assembled with a single prominent piece, or several others of different sizes and engravings.

In case you have a pet at home, pay attention to this information: avoid toxic species that may cause some harm to your pet, such as With Me No One Can, Fennel, Anthurium, and St. George's Sword.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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