Get to know the ficus elastica and fall in love with its colors

Get to know the ficus elastica and fall in love with its colors
Robert Rivera

Of Asian origin, Ficus elastica is a tree species that attracts attention with its beautiful and showy leaves. It is also known by the popular name of false rubber tree. It has a very rustic look and is a great option for growing indoors and on balconies. Learn about its main variations and how to grow it in your home:

Amazing colors of Ficus elastica foliage

The color variation of its leaves and its contrasting tones are a beauty of nature. See and fall in love:

  • Variegata: Its leaves are irregularly spotted with shades of green and white.
  • Red: Also known as Burgundy, this variation has very dark colored leaves. The upper side of the leaf has an intense gloss, while the back is matte.
  • Ruby: this copy has spotted leaves with beautiful pink tones.

To keep its leaves always with vivid colors and a vigorous look, place your specimen in a well-lit place, preferably near a window.

How to care for Ficus elastica

Ficus elastica is a simple tree species to grow. Learn more about the basic care needed to make this plant thrive in your home:

Easy growing tips

Understand about the main cares for growing Ficus elastica and its foliage variations. See all about the ideal light conditions, watering, drainage, soil type, and fertilization. Also check out simple tips to ensure a good adaptation of the plant in your home.

How to grow and make Ficus elastica seedlings

Be amazed by the beauty of the Ficus elastica production and check out the characteristics of each type of foliage. Also discover a precious tip to get the watering right, the care you should take with pruning, and how to propagate seedlings by stem cuttings.

How to clean the Ficus elastica leaves

Learn how to clean the leaves of the Ficus elastica correctly to ensure a lush look and make it easier for the plant to breathe. Always use a damp cloth with water. Also check out more tips for taking care of your specimen!

How to replant Ficus elastica

The Ficus elastica is a large tree species, but in pots its growth is limited. With time, the soil can become stagnant and, for the plant to continue to develop, it may be necessary to change the substrate and a larger pot. Check out, in the video, how to replant a specimen!

Ficus elastica is an elegant plant for decoration and requires little care. Just be sure to ensure the right conditions for your specimen to grow successfully. And if you love a touch of green around the house, see also suggestions for plants that are easy to care for!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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