Hexagonal veneer: 40 ideas for using this geometric trend

Hexagonal veneer: 40 ideas for using this geometric trend
Robert Rivera

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Innovative and modern, the hexagonal tile brings a stylish look to bathrooms and kitchens. It is possible to find colorful options and even play with shapes in the compositions. See incredible environments with hexagonal tile, learn how to do it, and get inspired to adopt this trend in your home.

40 pictures of hexagonal cladding to bet on this format

There are several possibilities to innovate with hexagonal cladding. Check out ideas:

1. get out of the norm when choosing the flooring

2. make the bathroom more modern and colorful

3. and delight with a pink hexagonal tile in the kitchen

4. you can guarantee a vintage decoration

5. bring softness with a light shade of green

6. and totally dare with printed models

7. make a detail in the kitchen

8. bring the luxury of gold into the decor

9. and charm with great simplicity

10. the coating can be of various materials and styles

11. as cementitious slabs

12. bring a stunning 3D look

13. or be the traditional hydraulic tiles

14. there are small and delicate sizes

15. and also larger formats

16. you can use creativity in compositions

Mixing two or more colors

18. or surprise with a gradient effect

19. there are options for all tastes

20. from the most discreet and sober

21. even colorful compositions

22. the black version is a classic

23. and white is prefect for a retro bathroom

24. besides making everything much more stylish

25. the blue hexagonal tile is just charming

26. in the kitchen, give preference to the use of light colors

27. they are wild cards in decoration

28. and help expand the space

29. in the bathroom, explore the contrast of tones

30. or bet without fear on the color white

31. gray hexagonal coating is also successful

32. and it is impossible not to fall in love with pink

33. how about going for a blended look?

34. customize your space the way you like

35. give a special touch to a simple environment

36. bet on an industrial decoration

37. or decorate with a lot of sophistication

38. explore this differentiated format in your home

39. and combine different textures in the decoration

Have you already decided to adopt this trend?

There are several ideas to use the hexagonal tile and guarantee modern environments full of personality.

How to make your own hexagonal coating

And if you love this shape, you too can venture out and make a hexagonal tile for your home yourself. Check out the videos to learn how:

3D hexagonal plaster coating

Here is how to make a 3D hexagonal coating for decoration. You will need little investment and simple materials such as plaster, EVA for the mold, and pigment for coloring. Check out the step by step video.

Hexagonal cement lining

Learn how to make a hexagonal cement coating. With this simple and original idea, you can renovate your laundry room or decorate any other room in the house. Use colors and a lot of creativity to personalize yours.

Hexagonal Decorative Paper Veneer

For those looking for a simpler idea, this suggestion is perfect. Here, the hexagons are made with feather paper and given a finish to look similar to concrete. The pieces will look amazing and you can use them to create various decorative compositions with an amazing effect!

Different and modern, hexagonal coverings guarantee incredible ideas and innovative layouts for your home! Take advantage and see also more wall covering options to renew the look of any environment.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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