How to clean an airfryer without scratching or damaging your fryer

How to clean an airfryer without scratching or damaging your fryer
Robert Rivera

The air fryer is the darling of many people for bringing practicality to the preparation of different delicacies. However, the time of cleaning is not always easy. How to clean airfryer in a simple way, removing all the greasy parts without ruining the appliance? Check out the videos below to find out!

1. how to clean airfryer with bicarbonate

If you love a homemade trick, you probably know the power of baking soda, and yes, it can be used to clean your airfryer as well. The idea is to clean the resistance of the appliance with a mixture of water, white vinegar and baking soda. The video above is in Portuguese, but it's easy to understand.

2. how to clean airfryer with warm water and detergent

Warm water is a great remedy for washing dirty dishes, and cleaning the airfryer is no different! Just pour warm water into the appliance, add detergent, and brush gently.

How to clean the airfryer from the outside

Although cleaning the airfryer basket is a big challenge for many people, the outside cannot be neglected. To leave it shining, just use mild detergent and a soft damp cloth. There is no need to scrub hard.

4. how to clean airfryer with degreaser

If you have the time, skill and courage to completely disassemble your fryer, it is worth following this step by step. Cleaning the inside is done gently with a soft toothbrush and degreaser.

5. how to clean airfryer with steel wool

If you do not know how to clean a rusty airfryer, especially the part on top of the basket, this technique can be very useful. The idea is to turn the appliance upside down and gently rub the rusty part with a dry piece of steel wool, then wipe it with a cloth moistened with alcohol vinegar and multi-purpose cleaner.

With these tips, cleaning the fryer will no longer be a problem.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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