Ideas and professional tips for building a raised swimming pool

Ideas and professional tips for building a raised swimming pool
Robert Rivera

The elevated swimming pool is an alternative that presents its structure totally or partially above ground. This model is a practical option for leisure areas, since it does not require large excavations on the ground. To learn more about this type of pool, see the questions answered by a professional, project ideas, and videos:

Questions about elevated swimming pool

To explain more about the elevated pool and its advantages, the architect Joyce Delay answers the main questions about the theme:

  • Is a raised pool cheaper? The professional explains that, "in a way, yes, because it won't be necessary to dig and then dispose of the debris," however she points out that "you need to have a more rigid structure, because [the pool] won't have the strength of the ground helping to resist the water."
  • What is the average price? About values, the architect says that it is difficult to establish an average, since size, finishing, format, and materials can greatly influence the price variation, and recommends "studying each case.
  • When is it recommended? The architect indicates the elevated swimming pool in the following situations: "in land with large unevenness it can be a good option, because then there would be no need to do propping and the owner ends up saving and gaining time. Another case where it would be nice to have an elevated pool would be in backyards and terraces where it is not possible to do excavations and in elevated places with a privileged view, such as rooftopsShe also highlights other advantages of this model, such as the possibility of being easily fitted into small spaces or with unique formats, the agility in execution, and also the freedom for creativity when it comes to choosing the coverings.
  • Elevated or in-ground swimming pool? Which is better? About the comparison of pool models, Joyce explains: "it depends a lot on the conditions and characteristics of the land, so, before anything else, it is important to consult a professional to help make the best choice.

For those who have a leisure space in a penthouse or on a slab, the elevated swimming pool is, for sure, the best option. But its advantages are not limited to this type of space and can be used in any terrain!

20 elevated pool pictures that will make you want to take a dip

The elevated swimming pool can be a practical alternative to transform your backyard into a delightful recreation area. See ideas:

1. a raised pool can have a wooden deck

2. or surprise with a glass enclosure

3. it is ideal for terraces and roofs

4. and can be made even in small sizes

5. looks great combined with a vertical garden

6. a sophisticated option

7. you can make a model with a beach

8. exploring the unevenness of the terrain

9. to contemplate all the beauty of the water

10. add a waterfall to the pool

11. and compose with different coatings

12. take advantage of the elevation of the pool to make benches

13. decorate with pillows and vases

14. and have more space to enjoy the outdoors

15. ensure lots of fun

16. even in a small space

17. and have a complete leisure area

18. the elevated pool can be simple

19. and be made of concrete or fiber

20. enjoy all the advantages of the elevated pool!

The elevated pool allows for several customization possibilities and can be a great option for you to have fun and send the heat away in your home.

More information about elevated swimming pool

To go further and find out more information about this type of pool, follow the videos below and clear all your doubts:

Tips and ideas for building a raised swimming pool

In the video, she brings suggestions on how to explore this pool model and make your project much more attractive.

How a Raised Pool Works

Understand better how the elevated pool works and check everything about the installation of this model with the video. Analyze better its advantages and discover ideas for the customization of your project.

How to make a raised swimming pool with a water tank

If you are excited about the idea of having a raised pool at home, check out this simple and economical option to give a plus to your leisure area.

In addition to more practicality and less excavation in its installation, the elevated pool has several other advantages and can become the main attraction of your outdoor area! And to enjoy every corner of the backyard, check out also projects for small recreational area.

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