Mickey's party: 90 ideas and tutorials for a magical celebration

Mickey's party: 90 ideas and tutorials for a magical celebration
Robert Rivera

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Theme parties are synonym of fun. They require a lot of care with details so that everything goes according to the chosen theme. And if there is a theme that is classic and never goes out of fashion, it is Mickey. The most magical and beloved mouse in the world is ideal for all ages, from baby to adult.

Decorating with Disney's most famous character can be a lot of fun and vary from simple to elaborate.

102 Mickey party ideas that are pure magic

The options are countless, and to help you follow a direction in decoration, be it simple, sophisticated, or safari, we have selected incredible images that convey magic. Come and get inspired:

1. whole class cupcakes

2. a very fluffy fake cake

3. balloons make great centerpieces

4. nothing represents Mickey as much as his little ears

5. you can have a mouse party in shades of blue

6. a Mickey party worthy of magic

7. simple and very cute souvenir boxes

8. how cool are the letters made from the shape of Mickey's body

9. a simple and charming Mickey party

10. the chalkboard is great because you can draw whatever you want

11. aren't those lollipops cute?

12. the wallpapers set the mood in this decoration

13. the world's cutest little-eared sousplat

14. another safari inspiration

15. the most varied formats and materials

16. mickey baby is so cute

17. take a look at these chair covers

18. the colors of these cupcakes show right away what the theme of the party is

19. a great idea for souvenirs

20. a very special cake topper

21. a Mickey of royalty

22. wooden furniture is great for decoration

23. a beautiful Ferris wheel

24. in the colors of the rainbow

25. how about a cake in the shape of the birthday boy's age?

26. a colorful party

27 The carpet made all the difference

28. fantasy souvenirs

29. the grass panel gave a special touch

30. the HQ style composes the decoration very well

31. balloons bring all the necessary color to the party

32. pluto can't miss

33. personalized invitations

34. why not an outdoor party?

35. this cake is not only delicious but also beautiful

36 - Even the inflatable toys get into the theme

37. vintage Mickey

38. a wonderful bow

39. care and affection in the smallest details

40. it is possible to create incredible designs with a bladder

41 - To get the guests in the mood

42. all the elements combining and completing each other

43. a more rustic style

44: A classic to be reinvented again and again

45. mickey and the gang in the garden

46 Have you ever heard of the cute cake popsicle?

47. pop cakes are still in fashion

48. another circus idea from the world's most famous mouse

49. Isn't his little shorts charming?

50. lots of glitter, because he deserves it

51. the perfect cake for a safari

52. decorated fabrics are very practical ideals

53. the souvenirs within the theme

54. the whole environment in black and red

55. one more invitation idea

56. a birthday boy's adventurous souvenirs

57. flowers also go with a Mickey-themed party

58. a party worthy of a baby

59. how beautiful is this Mickey safari party

60. straight from fantasyland

61. a Mickey puzzle

62. a souvenir ready for the next adventures

63. the fabrics in the background with elements of the character are charming

64. it is a great idea to hire an actor to be the character

65. another safari idea

66. little balls are the face of this little mouse

67. mickey baby is an explosion of cuteness

68: Have you ever thought about Mickey the pizza chef?

69. american paste allows the creation of beautifully decorated cakes

70. straight from London

71. simple and creative table decoration

72 - Who doesn't like getting a little something, right?

73. even the floor was decorated

74: You can't resist this cake

75. the Mickey Baby party is perfect for a 1 year old's birthday

76. a monumental centerpiece

77. mickey's shorts turned the table itself

78. color is synonym of joy

79 He is also a powerful magician

80. such a delicate, creative and wonderful delicacy

81. innovate in colors and tones

82. a clean party

83. prince mickey is pure elegance

84. a cake that borders on perfection

85. charm from start to finish

86. you almost don't want to eat it, it's so cute

87. mickey's circus is in the area

88: Look at the little ears on top of the cake

89. how cool is Mickey's hat made of bladders

90. mix of prints

There are so many incredible ideas that it is hard to know which one to choose. But the tip is: go for the one that makes your heart beat faster. Your party will be wonderful!

Mickey's Party DIY

Videos are the most practical way for us to learn new things. We have selected some very cool and creative ideas for you to do at home and decorate your party with a lot of style. Check it out:

Mickey's Party Preparations, by Any Valente

In this video, you will see some inexpensive and very nice decoration tips for your party: decorated bottles, Mickey curtains, souvenirs, and table arrangements.

Mickey and Minnie Party - Decorating for less than 50 Reais, by Taísa Alves

Learn how to make a decoration spending only R$50.00. The result is very beautiful and worth checking out.

How to make Mickey tray in EVA, by Artes Brasil arte e artesanato

Trays are essential for decorating the candy table. To make this one, you will need cereal boxes, red, black, and yellow EVA, paper towel rolls, black paint, scissors, and hot glue.

How to make a Mickey centerpiece, by Carol Gomes

In this video, you will learn how to make a beautifully decorated centerpiece for very little money.

How to make Mickey decor with simple and inexpensive things, by BuBa DIY

The details make all the difference. Candles, napkin trays, and a decorated cutlery holder give a special touch to your party.

DIY Disney: Mickey and Minnie inspired ideas, by Kim Rosacuca

Pots, t-shirts, bows, and notebooks: all very creative ideas that you can insert into decoration, souvenirs, or your look for the big day.

Mickey and Minnie bag for souvenirs, by Lilian Kelen

See step by step how to make souvenir bags to put the candies in with cardboard.

3 Mickey and Minnie Theme Birthday Party Ideas, by Monique Rangel

A candy bag, centerpiece, and decorative table ornament, with recyclable materials, fabric, and EVA. All very easy and pretty.

Mickey's Fake Cake, by Letícia Artes

The fake cake is great for decorating the table and not leaving the real cake exposed and at risk of melting.

How to make Mickey's chocolate apple, by Lucimara Alves

Love apples are delicious and can also be used as decorative items.

Mickey Bonbon, by In Programa

Bonbons so beautiful that you will feel sick to eat them. It is very simple to make and you will love the result, both in taste and decoration.

The most famous mouse in the world is a classic that never goes out of style. Now that you know several different types of decoration and how to put some of them into practice, just let your imagination run wild and start preparing yours!

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