Mirror frame: get inspired, learn how to make and where to buy

Mirror frame: get inspired, learn how to make and where to buy
Robert Rivera

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The mirror itself is a decoration item that adds beauty and functionality to the space. The mirror frame completes the composition and provides a more beautiful look to the adornment, whether it is made of wood, plaster, or EVA.

Mirrors with frames, regardless of their shape, size or style, add sophistication to your room. Check out some tips on how to have this item at home, where to buy it, ideas for inspiration and, finally, videos that teach how to make your own frame.

How to choose the best mirror frame

Choosing the ideal frame for your mirror can generate many doubts. Here are some foolproof tips that will solve all of them.

  • Provençal style frames give the space a more romantic and feminine touch, and are a great alternative for decorating girls' rooms or living rooms with a classic style.
  • Bet on a more discreet and small frame for the large mirrors that give the sensation of amplifying the environment.
  • For small mirrors, you can opt for more elaborate frames to make the item stand out.
  • Choose a frame that matches the rest of the room's decor for a harmonious environment.
  • Dressing tables and dressing room mirrors are spaces that need good lighting, just like bathrooms.
  • Decorating a wall with several mirrors in different shapes looks amazing, but the key to making the composition not too heavy is to choose similar frames.
  • Spray paint on wooden frames to add a handmade, colorful touch to the decor.
  • The frame for a mirror in a small bathroom or restroom should be more compact.
  • Use varnish to give the frames a more beautiful and durable finish.
  • You can use ribbons, buttons, artificial flowers, shells, or fabric.

With these tips, you will have no mistake when it comes to choosing or creating the best frame for your mirror. Speaking of which, check out some models below that you can guarantee right now!

Where to buy a mirror frame

If you do not have much time or manual skills available, you can buy the frame ready-made:

  1. Zara frame, at Woodprime.
  2. Rustic Mirror Frame, at Americanas.
  3. Patinated Wooden Flower Frame, at Lojas Americanas.
  4. Square Mirror Frame, at Submarino.
  5. Melody Mirror Frame, at Ponto Frio.
  6. Picture Frame with Plaster Engraving, at Kiaga.

Now that you have seen where you can get your model, take a look at some real-life inspiration for mirror frames.

60 creative and functional mirror frame inspirations

Get inspired with dozens of ideas for mirror frames in various sizes, styles, and to suit all kinds of tastes. Whatever the space, the piece will bring a lot of charm to the place.

1. the frame will make all the difference in the mirror

2. in addition to highlighting the piece even more

3. choose or make a model that matches the decoration

4. whether in the bedroom

5. in the bathroom

6. or in the room

7. this large mirror frame matches the other ornaments

8. besides buying in stores

9. or have it customized

10. you can make your own

11. with artificial or paper flowers

12. wood

13. mosaic

14. or this one with paper that imitates marble, for example

15. it is enough to be creative

16. and a little bit of handcraft skills

17. the frame for round wooden mirror is beautiful

18. it gives a more natural touch

19. and a rustic touch to the space

20. bet on a mirror frame with LED for the dressing table

21. this model was made with recyclable material!

22. create designs on the frame

23. combine different sizes of wood

24. how about this crocheted one? we love it!

25. you can get a simpler frame

26. or a more elaborate one

27. this model goes very well in more elegant environments

28. there are also vintage style ones

29 The mirror frame is almost a work of art!

30. this frame is made for round mirrors

31. mosaic models are amazing

32. just like this one that was painted

Spray paint to give the piece a new look

34. bet on more colorful compositions

35. how about a shell frame for your mirror?

36. besides looking gorgeous

37. it is a way to remember journeys

38. use beads to decorate your frame

39. make your own with rope and hot glue

40. Isn't this handmade mirror frame wonderful?

41 Charming frame for a delicate environment

42. wooden objects look perfect in any style

43. the details of the frame are an important part

44. decorate a space with several small mirrors

Have you ever thought about a wicker frame?

46: For more discreet spaces...

47: Go for plain models!

48. or dare and decorate your space with a lot of personality

49. give the environment a beach touch

50. plaster mirror frames resemble the Provencal style

51. this piece is very elegant

52. just like this other golden model

53 The frame in dark tones brought contrast to the decoration

54 - but you can also include color in your corner

55. the shades of gold are pure luxury!

56. white complements a cleaner arrangement

57. rectangular frame for floor mirror

58. the minimalist style is in fashion

59. add more liveliness to your decoration

60. how about a dressing room mirror frame?

Wonderful, isn't it? And the best thing is that many of these options you can do at home without having to spend a lot.

How to make a mirror frame step by step

With few materials and without much difficulty, you can make beautiful frames that will make your decor even more beautiful! Check out the tutorials below:

How to make a wooden mirror frame

This video will teach you step by step how to make a wooden mirror frame. Since it is necessary to use cutting machines, be very careful! It is also worth asking for help from someone who is more skilled with this type of material.

How to make a dressing room mirror frame

Make yourself this charming LED mirror frame and turn your room into a real dressing room! Get the pieces of wood cut and ready to assemble the piece so you don't need to handle any cutting machines.

How to make a Provencal mirror frame

In this video you will learn how to make this model with cold porcelain clay.

How to make an EVA mirror frame

Have you ever thought about making a frame for a mirror with E.V.A.? Then check out this step by step guide that will teach you this model that is very beautiful and, in addition, costs very little! Although it is a little more elaborate, the effort will be worth it.

How to make a mirror frame with beads

Do you know that bead necklace that you don't use anymore? Or that little pot full of small stones that only takes up space in your drawer? The step by step video will teach you how to use these small items and turn them into a beautiful and colorful frame for your mirror!

How to make a round mirror frame with rope

The round mirror is a decoration trend, and that is why we have selected this video tutorial for you to have a simple and beautiful frame. Use hot glue to fix it well and prevent it from falling apart easily.

How to make a mirror frame from recycled material

Recycled materials can also be used to make a beautiful frame for your mirror, so this step-by-step video will show you how to make a model without spending anything and using only toilet paper rolls.

Some videos are more complicated and time consuming to make, while others require little dedication. This will all depend on your time and crafting skills.

The mirror is an item that provides more charm and functionality to an environment. The frame will give an extra charm to the space, besides enhancing the decoration even more. Get yours or gather some materials and make your own model!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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