Mirrored furniture: 25 photos and tips for inspiration and decoration

Mirrored furniture: 25 photos and tips for inspiration and decoration
Robert Rivera

Some years ago, the mirror was used only as a wall ornament or placed in closet doors and bathrooms. Today, the mirror is considered a contemporary trend and has become a prominent item in the world of decoration, since it can be used in the most varied projects, from the simplest and coolest to the most refined.

In the world of furniture, mirrors can be found in the covering of coffee tables, cabinets, drawers, sideboards, buffets, dressing tables, chests of drawers, and other different pieces with straight or classic lines. Besides offering a touch of modernity and luxury, they also have the important function of bringing more amplitude, lightness, and luminosity to the environments.

To avoid excess and to avoid saturating the space, the ideal is to combine mirrored furniture with other textures and materials, such as fabric and wood, which help to break the sophistication and coldness of glass, bringing more balance and relaxation to the room.

Below you can see how versatile mirrored furniture can be in the most diverse environments of your home. Get inspired!

Mirrored furniture in bedrooms

In bedrooms, it is more common to find mirrors in bedside tables, closet doors, and chests of drawers, not to mention dressing tables or desks, which also help to add a special touch to the space.

Mirrored furniture for use in the living room

For the living room, there are several possibilities for mirrored furniture, from a buffet that transmits a lot of personality, to coffee tables (perfect to highlight the decorative objects that are on top), side tables, sideboards, and small cabinets. If the goal is to make the room more sophisticated with the mirrored table, bet on a classic chandelier.

Bathrooms with mirrored furniture

If you want to give a feeling of amplitude to your bathroom, the use of mirrored furniture will be indispensable. A good way is to bet on cabinets and cabinets, which will leave the environment much more beautiful and modern.

Kitchens with mirrored cabinets

Especially in small kitchens, it is very common to find mirrored cabinets, which besides helping to increase luminosity, will leave the space much more elegant and with greater depth.

30 rooms with mirrored furniture that you will love

We have listed below some good ideas for you to get inspired. Check them out!

1. super functional mirrored TV rack

This is a clean, elegant, and super organized environment, since the mirrored rack hides all the television equipment inside without accumulating dust.

2. modern and elegant coffee table

With a predominance of P&B both in the sofas and chairs and in the decoration as a whole, it also has this wonderful square and mirrored coffee table, great for supporting elegant and charming items.

3. clean living room with sophisticated coffee table

This beautiful mirrored coffee table helps to enhance the decoration of the living room and still ensures a very modern and young look. To give a break and make the environment more funky, you can combine the furniture with other items of different materials, such as wood.

4. contemporary kitchen with mirrored cabinets

Besides the modern mirrored upper cabinets, this contemporary kitchen also brings the natural touch of wood, present in all countertops, and bets on black granite for more sophistication of the environment. It is a contrast of materials and neutral colors super elegant!

5. a more feminine bedroom with a mirrored bedside table

Is there a more beautiful and charming mirrored bedside table than this one? Compact, square, and with a fun design, it makes the room much more elegant, modern, and feminine. Perfect for storing small items such as vases or candles.

6. innovative design with mirrored furniture

Some mirrored furniture, such as this beautiful buffet, can totally transform your home decor due to its innovative design and effects.

7. beautiful mirrored buffet for a classic room

This classic and contemporary room combines neutral tones with sophisticated items (such as the chandelier, vases, and decorative candles) and even has a super clean and charming off white buffet with mirrored cabinets.

8. yellow wall cladding brings joy to the kitchen

This modern kitchen makes a beautiful combination with the mirrored upper cabinets in darker shades and the yellow wall covering, which brings more color and joy to the room.

9. beautiful gourmet kitchen with mirrored details

To contrast with the dark floor and details of the gourmet kitchen, the project bet on a beautiful white countertop with mirrored cabinets, which ensure the luminosity, amplitude, and charm of the room.

10. kitchen with mirrored upper cabinets

For this American kitchen, mirrored upper cabinets were added, which in addition to being modern, optimize space and are very practical.

11. sophisticated furniture to support decorative items

Simple and extremely sophisticated, this square mirrored piece of furniture is enough to make your living room much more beautiful and elegant. You can use it as a coffee table and also place decorative items such as books or vases on it.

12. large, square table that brings elegance to the environment

This is a large square mirrored coffee table that is perfect for enhancing the living room, as it matches the most varied furniture styles, from the simplest to the most elegant, and even serves to store decorative objects.

13. modern kitchen integrated with the laundry room

Practical and versatile, this modern kitchen is integrated with the laundry room and predominantly in neutral tones such as gray, brown, and white. To optimize even more space, overhead and mirrored cabinets were added.

14. a mirrored chest of drawers makes the baby's room even more charming

The two-drawer mirrored dresser in this beautiful nursery follows the retro style and matches perfectly with the rest of the decor, which can be considered classic and predominates in light and neutral tones.

15. living room with various shades of gray

This is a living room full of style and elegance, with a sophisticated mirrored coffee table and predominant shades of gray found in the walls, floor, carpet, sofas, niches, and decorative items.

16. a totally clean bathroom

Nothing better and nicer than a nice clean bathroom designed in light colors. The sink, walls and objects are predominantly white and the mirrored cabinet is responsible for the extra charm of the environment.

17. kitchen with a beautiful combination of gray and white

The contrast of gray with white is one of the best combinations for a modern and elegant kitchen. The niche with books and vases is a differential of the environment, not to mention the overhead mirrored cabinets, which are charming and easy to access.

18. master suite bathroom all mirrored and luxurious

How about an extremely luxurious and modern bathroom for the master suite? Besides the large mirror on the wall, which helps to enlarge and illuminate the room, it also has mirrors in the cabinets and drawers, which match very well with the white sink countertop.

19. mirrors in furniture and walls add fullness to the room

For those who love sophistication in their bedroom decoration, this is a great idea to inspire, since the mirror is used both for the wall and for the bed's side table, making the room more pleasant and with a greater sense of space.

20. beautiful mirrored sideboard

This wonderful mirrored sideboard is a perfect option for decorating the living room, bedroom, home theater, or even an entrance hall. On it you can place sophisticated items such as candles, vases, glasses, or books.

21. modern apartment with a beautiful mirror composition

To give your entire apartment a very elegant and modern style, the best option is to bet on a beautiful composition of mirrors, both on the walls and on the furniture. This buffet with special design is super charming and gives a special touch to the room.

22. simple and elegant details that make all the difference

A decoration all in P&B can't go wrong, right? The colors combine perfectly with each other and make any environment more beautiful, elegant and modern. To complement, a mirrored dresser with beautiful decorative items on top.

23. kitchen with mirrored cabinets

This is another super nice kitchen that combines the mirrored cabinets with the nanoglass sink and other light tones (found in the floor, walls and cabinets), making a light and modern combination.

Mirrored furniture is already a trend in the national and international market and can perfectly match any environment in your home. Besides brightening and giving that incredible impression of more depth, they also help to improve the energy flow in the house, according to the oriental wisdom of Feng Shui.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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