Re-signify the space with the vibrant color ochre

Re-signify the space with the vibrant color ochre
Robert Rivera

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The expressiveness of the color ochre is present in the most varied decorative styles. It can be a point of color in a modern design, for example, appear in pillows and small objects, as well as in a painting on the wall or in an elegant armchair.

What is the color ochre?

Also known as mustard or sienna, the color ochre is part of the yellow tones with a generous brown background. Its name is derived from the yellowish earthy minerals, and its composition is a mixture of black, red, and yellow. In the variations of tones, you will find dark ochre, medium ochre, golden ochre, and light ochre.

Colors that go with ocher in decoration

Although personal taste is important when composing an environment, some color combinations are essential to create harmony, awaken sensations, and make the space more welcoming. Below, check out 7 options that marry perfectly with ochre and bring a rewarding result:

  • Earthy tones: Other colors in the same color palette as ochre make a perfect team for those who wish to compose an environment full of comfort, such as the boho style. In homeopathic doses, the earthy tones bring lightness to the space.
  • Neutral colors: If the idea is to ensure a clean environment with simple vibrant touches, the neutral colors in the decoration can be highlighted with details in ocher. If possible, include wood in the composition, the result will be highly cozy.
  • Blue: The dark tones are perfect for a vintage decoration, while the pastel blue guarantees a fun look.
  • Black: this is the perfect choice to add with ochre gold in a classic, elegant, and mature decoration proposal. in the predominance of black, the environment will be more intimate. however, if white enters the composition, sophistication gains space.
  • Red: to avoid a "ketchup and mustard" look, the ideal is to include ochre and red with other colors, for example, green, white and blue. can you imagine a stylish pillow arrangement with these colors?
  • Moss green: In addition to paintings and textures, moss green can appear in plants. Besides a more organic decoration, the space comes alive. In this combination, ochre is full of energy.
  • Marsala: Also known as "wine", marsala is a major trend in interior decoration. With ochre, the color brings a unique boldness to the space, whether in large or small proportions.

In case you are still in doubt about whether or not to bet on ochre, the ideal is to include it cautiously in your project. Because it is a striking color, adding small elements prevents you from getting sick of it or regretting it in a short period of time.

30 amazing pictures of ochre decorations

The list of inspirations counts with projects that bet on different shades of ochre. See how to harmonize an environment to take advantage of all the joviality and energy of this color.

1. the decoration of this home office is an inspiration for creativity

2. for the dining room, how about a colorful mural?

3. see how the room became cozier with the ocher in evidence

4. in the children's room, pillows are welcome

5. the light ochre worked as a beautiful mural for the paintings in this room

6. a sober palette calls for a little joy

7. this also works with light blue and white

8. look at the elegance of gold ochre with black

9. in the children's mural, ochre became sun

10. sometimes a colorful wall makes all the difference

11. the pouf brings youthfulness to the decoration

12. you can add ochre to the details

13. but if the idea is to be daring, go for the composition

14. the ochre armchair and the blue sofa make a beautiful couple

15. this entrance hall is very cozy

16. plantinhyas simply love ochre

17. complete the composition with a marsala rug

18. petroleum blue and ochre make a powerful team

19. for a mature decoration, gray and gold ochre

20. notice how well the color of the season integrated with the various shades of green

21. What about this pool table that has totally escaped the traditional?

22 - In the TV room, the ochre wall guaranteed a cozy depth

23. already in the fourth, a vibrant version broke the rule

24. the details never go unnoticed

25. a pinch of ochre and everything comes to life

26. and it gets a lot more fun

27. more than a decoration, a work of art

28. in addition to making the environment more modern

29. the color ochre is radiant, full of energy

30. And it won't let you down!

Applying earthy tones in the decoration is a democratic way to promote a conversation between warm and cold colors. With ochre, the mission is to guarantee an expressive highlight to the environment.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera is a seasoned interior designer and home decor expert with over a decade of experience in the industry. Born and raised in California, he has always had a passion for design and art, which eventually led him to pursue a degree in interior design from a prestigious design school. With a keen eye for color, texture, and proportion, Robert effortlessly blends different styles and aesthetics to create unique and beautiful living spaces. He is highly knowledgeable in the latest design trends and techniques, and is constantly experimenting with new ideas and concepts to bring life to his clients' homes. As the author of a popular blog on home decor and design, Robert shares his expertise and insights with a large audience of design enthusiasts. His writing is engaging, informative, and easy to follow, making his blog an invaluable resource for anyone looking to spruce up their living space. Whether you're seeking advice on color schemes, furniture arrangement, or DIY home projects, Robert has the tips and tricks you need to create a stylish, welcoming home.