The power of colorful sofas in living room decoration

The power of colorful sofas in living room decoration
Robert Rivera

Often chosen in neutral colors and traditional models, sofas are very important pieces when we think about decoration and composition of environments, because the transformation of these spaces does not always demand radical and permanent changes, making details that provide all the difference.

An alternative to neutral furniture are colored sofas, which complement styles (from the most classic to the most modern) and brighten up the environment. To ensure balance, it is interesting to consider the other colors that make up the environment, such as the walls, accessories, and other furniture, always seeking to put together harmonious and creative combinations.

30 beautiful living rooms with colorful sofas

Conferring authenticity and personality, the colored sofas are recommended for the creation of main focuses in the decoration, that is, standing out from the rest of the elements that tend to softer tones, however, complementary colors are also applied for the creation of radiant contrasts. Below a list of rooms with colored sofas that inspire transformations!

How to choose the perfect color sofa for your home

Precise choices demand research of colors and also of fabrics, factors that significantly influence the result of the decoration.

As for the colors

  • Blue : in the navy shade it works as a neutral piece, while its lighter shades add luminosity to the environment.
  • Orange : provides prominence to the environment and its safer combinations are made with softer colors.
  • Green : allows the creation of more cheerful spaces, becoming more comfortable when combined with more neutral tones.
  • Red : in any of its shades it conveys sophistication, combining with accessories in soft and also darker colors.

Regarding fabrics

  • Chenille Its weaving is grouped in filaments, being very malleable and with a soft touch.
  • Jacquard : patterned fabric, i.e., it offers prints, and has a contrasting sheen compared to more basic fabrics.
  • Synthetic They are waterproof, resistant, and easy to clean, and are recommended for allergy sufferers because they retain almost no dirt.
  • Suede This is a fabric with high resistance to friction, liquids, and stains, with a flannel finish, reminiscent of suede.
  • Velvet is a mixture of durable fibers (silk, nylon, cotton, among others), with resistance to water and compression.

How to decorate a room with a colorful sofa

Considered as a standout piece, colorful sofas need decorations that harmonize with their colors, styles, as well as in relation to the walls of the room.

Regarding the colors of the accessories

For error-free decoration, bet on neutral colors in the rest of the accessories and furniture, avoiding negative contrasts resulting from shades that do not complement each other. For the more daring, choose a second color that contrasts harmoniously with the sofa, applying it to pillows, curtains, or even rugs and picture frames.

Regarding sofa styles

It is important that the decoration follows the same style as the chosen sofa model (classic, modern, retro, among others), ensuring spaces in which its objects establish a certain visual communication.

As for the walls

There are two possible applications for the walls of living rooms with colorful sofas:

  • The sofa as a highlight: prefer walls or wallpapers in neutral colors and geometric motifs, which are usually more basic and leave the attention focused on the sofa.
  • Contrast the environment: walls or wallpapers in warmer complementary colors and with more elaborate motifs, enhancing the whole environment.

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In summary, the tips presented here show the possibility of transforming and modernizing environments previously recognized by the neutrality and traditionality of their composition, simply by incorporating cheerful colors and elements full of personality.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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