Tips and inspirations for choosing your dressing table

Tips and inspirations for choosing your dressing table
Robert Rivera

One of the favorite pieces of furniture of vain people, the dressing table appeared around the 15th century, when it was realized that it was possible to take care of the appearance even for women who were not royalty or aristocracy. Nowadays, it is a versatile piece of furniture that makes the room more feminine and can be found in the most varied styles: from classic and vintage to modern, with current finishes.To find the ideal one, all you have to do is know which style you like best and decorate it according to your personal tastes.

How to choose the ideal dressing table

For architect Patricia Cillo, from the Figoli-Ravecca office, the ideal dressing table depends on the client's taste, intention, and project style: "Usually, we design a dressing table to be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, or next to the closet," she says.

Regarding the ideal measurements for the dressing table, Patricia recommends always using a minimum measurement of 80 cm: "The ideal size depends on the layout of the space and the finishes chosen. In general, a comfortable dressing table is around 1.20 m", she explains. As for the types of dressing tables, the architect explains that there are initially two types: ready-made dressing tables and those made by carpentry,To please a larger number of people, usually the ready-made pieces have a more classic style, with rounded mirrors and drawers. It is worth paying attention to items that cannot be missing to complement the furniture: outlet point, dividers for organization and good lighting", instructs Patricia.

To help you choose which style of dressing table is your favorite, check out some of the models available and get inspired:

  • Modern dressing table: "The drawers can have acrylic or fabric dividers, with niches made in the dressing table itself," Patricia points out. Great option for those who don't like the older, classic style.
  • Dressing table in vibrant colors: For Patricia, the strong and vibrant colored dressing tables depend directly on the place's decoration proposal: "Generally, these are pieces with a differentiated design", comments the professional. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the chosen color must be in harmony with the rest of the room's decoration.
  • Dressing table: "The inspiration comes from the great theaters and movie dressing rooms. It is not a discreet piece and demands attention when composing the environment", alerts the architect. This is one of the most sought after models, due to the fashion bloggers' fever who elected this type of dressing table as their favorite to put on makeup.
  • Vintage dresser: "They are pieces with a classic style, oval mirrors and rounded shapes. They are usually found in decoration antique shops", reveals Patricia. To make this piece even more special, how about refurbishing that dressing table from your mother or grandmother? Besides being exclusive, it will bring up a nostalgic feeling every time you sit in front of it.
  • Provencal dressing table: According to the architect, this type of dressing table, which has a romantic proposal, has a more designed finish and is usually white or in light colors with a patina. This model is reminiscent of the bourgeois women of the Renaissance.
  • Dressing table covered with mirror: "It requires special care, because the mirror is a fragile material that can easily scratch or stain, but it brings beauty and amplitude to the room", informs Patricia.

With a wide variety of models, when choosing a dressing table you must take the following factors into consideration: desired size, preferred design, chosen color, and functions to be fulfilled. From there, you can start your search for the ideal dressing table.

Where to buy dressing tables

Unsure which stores you can buy a dressing table from? Compare the following stores, and choose your favorite:

  • Rustika Design: favorite store of bloggers, Rustika produces various models of dressing tables and ships to all of Brazil.
  • Móveis Aki: a store located in the state of São Paulo, with free shipping and fast delivery.
  • Tok Stok: a reference design store in Brazil, you can buy online or in any of the chain's physical stores throughout the country.
  • Mobly: With a wide variety of models available, Mobly is a store that specializes in furniture and decorative items and ships nationwide.
  • Lojas KD: a store located in Curitiba that ships to all of Brazil and has a great variety of dressing tables to please all tastes!

Now that your favorite model has been chosen, all you have to do is add a few items to make your dressing table even more beautiful and organized.

How to organize your dressing table

According to personal organizer Helo Henne, with the daily rush, the dressing table tends to become disorganized, with objects out of place. But organizing this furniture is essential to optimize time and space. To facilitate this task, the professional gives six tips to keep your dressing table always in order:

  1. Separate the items: to organize your dressing table, you must separate the objects by categories, such as perfumes, nail polish, makeup, hair accessories, earrings, necklaces, etc. There are specific items for home organization, but if you don't have access to them, they can be replaced by similar items, such as boxes and trays.
  2. Use dividers in the drawers: if your dressing table has drawers, use acrylic boxes that help in the organization. There are several sizes and you can assemble them according to the available space. another more accessible option is the baskets, in which it is possible to organize the makeup by categories.
  3. Use acrylic organizers: If you don't have drawers, there are also complete acrylic pieces and dividers that accommodate all kinds of products. You can also mount the acrylic boxes on the dressing table or make a composition with smaller boxes.
  4. Care with perfumes: the perfumes can stay on the dressing table, but it is very important that they are not exposed to the sun. If there is this possibility, protecting them inside a box is the best option.
  5. Use brush organizers: Mugs or cups are great allies when organizing brushes, and, according to the design, can make a great composition with the decoration.
  6. Trays for better organization: use and abuse of trays, besides giving a charm to the decoration, they can be used to organize from small to big items, such as nail polishes, perfumes, creams, rings, earrings, and hair accessories.

If you still have doubts about where to find the items described by the professional that will facilitate the organization of your dressing table, choose your favorites from the selection below:

With these options, keeping an organized dressing table becomes even easier.

How to light dressing tables

As the piece of furniture will be used for daily beauty sessions, having good lighting is fundamental. Patricia points out that the dressing table should always be illuminated from above and from the front, so that there are no reflections.will hold true both under the lighting of the dressing table, and in the most varied of settings. See ideas:

How to choose the chair for your dressing table

Patricia explains that the standard height of a dressing table is 75 cm and the ideal is to choose a mobile chair with adjustable back and seat adjustments for comfort, and a covering that is easy to maintain. However, upholstered stools and acrylic chairs are frequently seen to complement the functionality of the piece of furniture.Harmony with the style of the furniture and the design of the rest of the room. Check it out:

Now your dressing table is complete! Keeping it in order and with the necessary items for your grooming routine always at hand will make the most of its usefulness.

Bloggers' dressing tables for inspiration

To demonstrate the versatility of this piece of furniture, with the most varied styles and compositions, get inspired by the bloggers' tour videos and make your dressing table even more beautiful:

Meet Raka Minelli's dressing table

In the video, the blogger shows her dressing room model, demonstrating her choice of a stool and drawers in vibrant colors and a transparent glass top.

Get to know Bia Andrade's dressing table

The owner of the Boca Rosa blog presents her dressing room style dressing table, with a stool covered in floral fabric and dividers in the first drawers, which makes it easier to organize the makeup items.

Get to know Taciele Alcolea's dressing table

The blogger with a passion for the color pink presents her favorite color dressing table and explains each item that helps keep it organized.

Get to know Luisa Accorsi's dressing table

Luisa shows that even a dressing table with an unfixed mirror can be charming. Here she chose a mirror with an ornate frame and her dressing table has a glass top, which helps to visualize the items to be used.

Get to know Lu Ferreira's dressing table

Lu Ferreira's dressing table exemplifies furniture without a fixed mirror.

Get to know Camila Coelho's dressing table

The blogger shows her dressing table with a granite top, which makes it easier to clean, demonstrating that a separate mirror also goes with different styles, and reveals the difference that lights and organizers make in the final look.

After this guide, choosing the ideal dressing table became even easier. Now you can start your beauty routine with this versatile and charming piece of furniture.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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