Wooden Chair: 40 models that enchant everyone with their charm

Wooden Chair: 40 models that enchant everyone with their charm
Robert Rivera

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The wooden chair is known for its greater durability and for being a piece that harmonizes with the most diverse environments and decorations. There are several models, formats, and combinations that can result in a unique and very comfortable piece of furniture.

From the simplest to the most sophisticated options, this piece of furniture can be colored, folding, upholstered, or even follow rustic models.

1. line details

The chair produced in wood with a modern design has a low and wide seat, and draws attention by the ropes on its backrest that add originality to the model. Perfect for composing social and intimate spaces.

Simple but elegant wooden chair

In a dark tone, the chair is elaborated in wood and gives the dining room a more refined touch. The furniture calls attention by the backrest and the headrest that gives authenticity to the model and comfort to the user.

3. color mix

With several colors, both sober and vibrant, the set of chairs gives dinner a more relaxed air. With a simple design, but without losing comfort, the models are perfect to receive friends for a dinner party.

4. for the office

And who said that the office chair can't be made of wood? Comfortable and with a mantle that adds even more charm to the composition, the chair has an upholstered seat to ensure the user's comfort.

5. functional and simple wooden chair

Produced entirely in wood, the chair is basic and, therefore, fits in any room of the house. The model is simple, but oozes comfort.

6. braided support

Irreverent and stylish, the model with wooden structure receives fabric loops that cross on the backrest and on the seat, and grant all the charm and originality to the piece.

7. outdoor wooden chair

Ideal for outdoors, the chair is perfect for relaxing in the middle of the garden. Inspired by rustic style, its inclined seat offers the user comfort.

8. contemporary design

The contemporary style wooden chair calls attention for its irreverent backrest in the shape of a fish tail. Simple, but elegant at the same time, the model is the protagonist of the space through its design.

9. tone contrasts

The play of contrasted colors can be a great way to make environments lighter and more sophisticated, but of course, without exaggerating. The model is comfortable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

10. timeless design

Its shape is reminiscent of the old rocking chairs that had this design with straight lines on the backrest. In a dark tone, the furniture is modern and minimalist.

11. sophistication on stage

Super elegant, the chair is perfect for composing internal spaces of a residence or even a corporate space. With wood structure, the model draws attention for its refined design.

12. foldable and practical

Ideal for outdoor spaces, the folding chair is light and practical. Perfect for informal moments with friends, the model is produced in solid wood.

13. natural composition

The gourmet space receives a layout inspired by the beauty of wood, contrasting with the modernity of the rest of the environment.

14. sweet swing

For both indoor and outdoor spaces, the rocking chair made of wood is ideal for moments of rest or reading.

15. classic and vibrant

In a more eye-catching tone, the chair painted in orange gives a more relaxed and cheerful air to the environment. The model is classic and very cozy.

16. to receive

In a perfect, informal space to receive friends and family, practical and comfortable furniture is indispensable. Chairs, which can be folded and are easy to store, are ideal for this type of environment.

17. upholstered and cozy

Super charming and delicate, the upholstered chair has a wooden structure. Both for living rooms and bedrooms, the model adds grace to the decoration.

18. wood in evidence

The chairs reveal a white structure that contrasts perfectly with the natural wood tone found in the backrest and seat. A charm!

19. perfect for bars and gourmet spaces

Produced in wood and inspired by a simple design without leaving aside comfort, the two chairs can be used indoors or outdoors.

20. contemporary poetry

With a contemporary design, the chair draws attention for its organic and elegant trace. Produced entirely in wood, the model matches perfectly with the dining table.

21. rustic composition

The set of chairs are in sync with the table that takes the same material in its confection. With a rustic style, the chairs have wooden strips in its backrest.

22. leather and wood

With its comfortable seat and backrest, the chair can be used in many different settings, as well as in the dining room.

23. colorful wooden chair

The blue, green, yellow, and black chairs provide a more playful look to the decoration of the dinner party. With an upholstered seat, the models are characterized by organic and straight lines to ensure comfort to the user.

24. attractive coziness

For both indoor and outdoor spaces, the chair, with its wooden structure and upholstered backrest, seat, and armrests, is an invitation to rest and relax in the greatest comfort.

25. basic and practical design

The model is great to compose dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, or corporate spaces. Produced in wood, it presents a simple design and details that give all the originality to the piece.

26. nautical inspiration

The cushion with stripes and the upholstered seat in blue add color to the chair, which is made of wood. Ideal for gardens or covered spaces, the furniture has armrests and a wider seat to ensure even more comfort.

27. elegance at the table

Sophisticated, the dining room receives a table and a beautiful set of chairs produced in wood with hollow backrest that provides all the beauty to the model. The wood tone gives naturalness and lightness to the composition.

28. color harmony

The blue chairs add more color to a gourmet environment where white is predominant, and their design adds a more relaxed and young style to the space.

29. natural inspiration

Simple and functional, the chair produced in wood is ideal to compose the furniture in an external part or in the garden. With straight lines, its design guarantees comfort to the user.

30. style icon

With a wider seat and armrests, the chair produced in wood is presented with an elegant, uncluttered, and very stylish design. Guaranteeing comfort to the user, the material harmonizes with the rest of the decoration.

31. decoration in motion

With patterns that provide movement to the decoration, the chair presents a wooden structure. With a contemporary style, this beautiful model becomes the protagonist in this social space.

32. bohemian atmosphere

The bar chairs in yellow give liveliness to the gourmet space. Stripped down, the furniture perfectly composes this space that blends a more urban and industrial style.

33. hollow design

In a modern space, the set of chairs provides natural touches to the composition of the gourmet space.

34. light, camera, action!

Inspired by the famous chairs in which directors and artists sit during filming breaks, the chair is versatile, practical, and comfortable. For both indoor and outdoor spaces, its scenic design adds charm to the decoration.

35. total wood

Harmonizing with the rest of the decoration in which wood predominates, the delicate bar chair presents seat and backrest in a curved shape that guarantees the user greater comfort.

With so many examples, colors, and styles, the wooden chair grants naturalness and lightness to your decoration. Bet on this material that will bring warmth and beauty into your home, and also get to know some models of wooden sofa for inspiration.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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