5 tips for growing camellia and decorating your home with the flower

5 tips for growing camellia and decorating your home with the flower
Robert Rivera

The camellia is a plant known for its vibrant green leaves and colorful, showy flowers. The species originated in Japan and has a special meaning for each of its colors. In Brazil the plant is known as the abolition flower, in honor of a quilombo in Rio de Janeiro that produced the flower.

Generally, the plant blooms in early spring and is very easy to maintain. It is exciting and colorful. Learn more about this exciting plant.

Camellia Colors

The camellia is a very popular flower, because it has a great diversity of colors, and they are all beautiful. In addition, each color is believed to represent a feeling, check it out:

White Camellia

White camellias are the most popular. They mean "to adore", so they are used as gifts for loved ones, symbolizing love and respect. The plant blooms in early spring.

Pink Camellia

The pink flower, on the other hand, represents the desire to have someone close by. It is usually used as a gift for people who are far away. This shrub is one of the most used in flower arrangements.

Red Camellia

Another characteristic of the shrub is that, although the flowers bloom in the spring, its bright green foliage is abundant all year round.

Yellow Camellia

The yellowest flower, in the West, signifies excellence, so it's a great tip to use in your company.

Camellia Violacea

Camellias with more violet colors can have a connection with spirituality. The flower is very hardy if cared for properly.

With the help of new genetic modification technologies in agriculture, it is possible to find camellias with more than 200 different colors. The flower is perfect for being present in the decoration of homes.

How to care for camellia

And how to take care of this plant that blooms in a healthy way? Is it too difficult? Check out some tips that will help you and solve all your doubts regarding the planting and cultivation of this beautiful flower.

  • Light: it needs indirect light. It usually grows among other plants, which protect it from direct light;
  • Climate: it adapts well to the Brazilian climate, but it needs to be in a humid place;
  • Watering: When planting, water frequently, more than twice a week. After that, reduce the frequency. Also observe the weather changes. On rainy days, avoid watering them;
  • Flowering: In temperate environments, it blooms in early spring, while in warmer and more humid locations, it can bloom all year round;
  • Soil: The plant needs to be in an acidic, fertile, moist soil.

You can grow the camellia outdoors or indoors. It can grow to a height of several meters, so be sure to choose the right spot for it.

Learn more about growing the plant

For the camellia to stay healthy and beautiful, some extra care is needed.

Camellia Blossom

The camellia flowers are beautiful and passionate. Check out the blooming time of this plant and learn some tips to facilitate the growth of the buds.

Cultivation of the mixed camellia

The mixed camellia is a mixture of colors. Learn more about its cultivation and how to contribute to its flowering.

How to care for the camellia

Want to know everything about how to care for a camellia? In the video above, you can find all the tips and care you need to keep the plant healthy and blooming.

White Camellia: Learn How to Grow

Here, you will find a brief tutorial on the flowering of the white camellia and how to care for it with everything needed.

With a lot of care and attention, you can have a healthy, blooming camellia. Just keep an eye on the selected tips and maintain a care routine.

10 camellia pictures to fall in love with

But how to use the camellia on a daily basis? Is it possible to use it indoors? Check out some inspirations for this little plant so you can start growing it right now.

The camellia is a great decorative option

2. arrangements with these flowers are perfect for the living room

3. it can grow a lot

4. and attract attention in the outdoor garden

5. the flowers are bright and beautiful

6. you can mix the colors in an arrangement

7. or mix some species

8. it looks great outdoors

9. of all colors, they are passionate

10. there are several options on how to use the plant in your daily life

The camellia is a plant full of life and looks good indoors and outdoors. Its blooms bring color and light into the room. Whether white or pink camellias, they are passionate. Take a look at some white flowers

that will make your environment beautiful.

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