90 ideas and tutorials for organizing the perfect picnic

90 ideas and tutorials for organizing the perfect picnic
Robert Rivera

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Having a picnic with family or friends is a good idea for those seeking rest and relaxation, whether in the garden or even in a park. For this, it is necessary to take care when organizing and deciding what to bring, so that it is a pleasant moment. Below, see tips and ideas that will help you!

What to bring to eat on a picnic

When organizing a picnic, food is essential, but what are the ideal foods to take with you? Check below for tips on what you can't miss in your picnic basket:

  • Fruits: If it is a large fruit, like watermelon, the ideal is to take it cut up in a container;
  • Sandwiches: Besides being a light food, it will satisfy your hunger. However, care must be taken not to let it spoil. The ideal is to use a thermal bag to store it;
  • Juices: Not only are they tasty, they will help hydrate you, especially if the picnic is being held on a hot day;
  • Cakes: The cake is easy to carry and store, and because it doesn't spoil, it doesn't require much special care;
  • Cookies: is a good option mainly because it comes already packaged, they are not perishable and can be taken just in a bag, without having to worry about care. Besides, it goes very well with juice;
  • Salty: It is a good idea, as it satisfies hunger quickly. They should be taken in thermal bags or boxes, as they spoil easily;
  • Cheese bread: tasty and nutritious, it is also easy to carry around! It doesn't spoil easily and can be stored in a jar with a lid or even in a plastic bag.

Now that you've seen which are the best options to take with you, just take advantage of these tips and put together your picnic basket!

90 pictures to put together an unforgettable picnic

A picnic is a very nice option for an afternoon with friends or family. You can relax and enjoy the moment with your loved ones. Here are ideas that will inspire you to have one next weekend:

1. a picnic is very nice and a good way to get away from the routine

2. this activity is easy to organize

3. and can be done in several places

4. you can opt for a picnic with a straw basket and a checkered tablecloth

5. that a classic way and very associated with the activity

6. because that is how they are usually represented in movies and cartoons

7. but it can also be done according to your taste

8. and using the colors of your choice

9. make something that follows the traditional pattern, but at the same time is basic

10. or use your creativity to decorate your picnic

11. place personalized flowers and napkins

12. also decorate your basket, making it even more beautiful

14. because it enjoys the fresh air and the shade of the trees

15. in other words, it is a very pleasant environment

16. besides being entertained, it is possible to appreciate the beauties that nature offers

17. spread out a towel on the floor, eat, and catch up on old times

18. a great idea for those who like to connect with nature

19. how about organizing a picnic in such a beautiful place?

20. you can use it to commemorate some important date

21. or surprise your loved one

22. making a nice romantic picnic

23: Have you ever thought of watching a sunset next to your love?

24. the options are delicious and varied

25. if you prefer, you can have your picnic on the beach

26. admiring the sea and its beautiful waves

27. placing your towel and arranging your things on the sand

28. and taking the opportunity to get a tan

29. What did you think of this alternative?

30. great for a romantic celebration

31 You can choose a wine to drink with that special person

32. and enjoy this moment by the sea, which will be incredible

33. think about the options of what to take to eat

34. you can choose from a variety of fruits

35. or if you prefer, opt for breads and cakes

36. platter of cold cuts and snacks are also a good choice

37 If you like, make a mix with a little bit of each

38- Juices are essential and cannot be missed

39. if you prefer to stay at home, the picnic can be held in the backyard

40. use the same things that would be used in another environment

41. this is an excellent idea for entertaining the children

42. bet on something more colorful to get a childish style

43 Include lots of goodies, children love them

44. a nice option to enjoy the days at home

45. if there is grass, it can be done on top of it

46 But a towel on the sidewalk is also an option

47. a moment like this with the family is all good

48. with a beautiful view, it gets even better

49. it is not necessary to carry a lot of things

50. you can have a simple picnic

51. taking only the basics, no exaggeration

52. especially if it is only two people

53: The afternoon snack can become more special

54. ready-made foods, such as cookies, are a good idea

55 - If you prefer, replace juices with coffee or tea

56. well-decorated picnics are even more beautiful

57. if there is no beach in your city, you can do it in a lagoon

58. even on the edge of a river or stream

59. how good it is to be in contact with nature

60. this picnic was beautiful

61: How about a picnic in the country, or in a place away from the city?

62. far away from all routine movement

63. also bring pillows to be more comfortable

64. and be able to relax better

65. even at the edge of the pool you can have a picnic

66. it all depends on your creativity

67. anywhere can be the ideal place

68. look at this cool idea with several pillows

69. in this one, the sweets were the highlight

70. how about including a pizza?

71 Think and do everything with love

72 With capriciousness and creativity, it's really cute.

73. an evening picnic is very relaxing

74. you may bring alcoholic beverages if it is an adult picnic

75. bring a bucket of ice to keep the bottle cold

76. wine and cold cuts are a good combination and can be part of your basket

77. and make your picnic full of elegance

78. make a toast to life while resting in good company

79. another idea is to serve breakfast as a picnic

80. a great way to start the day

81 In summer, a fruit basket goes very well together

82. on hot days, also bet on plenty of liquid

83. to keep fed and hydrated

84. enjoy a good read

85. and enjoy your favorite dishes

86. set up a banquet on the tablecloth

87. don't forget the utensils

88. invite special people

89. disconnect from obligations for a while

90. and enjoy your delicious picnic!

A picnic can be organized in many ways, with different food and beverage options to suit all tastes. Now that you've checked out some ideas, just make one for yourself and enjoy!

How to organize a picnic

Organizing a picnic is a simple and very cool task. You need to choose a place, know what objects you will use, and most importantly, what food to bring. To do this, check out the videos below and write down the information:

Tips for organizing a picnic basket

In this tutorial, you will see how to make a picnic with a basket. Here are ideas on what to bring for use, foods that are good for this moment, and the best way to organize everything. After these tips, just enjoy it with friends or family.

Ideas for a romantic picnic

niimakeup teaches in this video how to organize a romantic picnic. She gives tips on food and decoration ideas to make everything full of love! A great idea to surprise your loved one on commemorative dates, such as Valentine's Day or anniversary. Check it out!

Picnic at Home

How about organizing a picnic at home? In this video you can see how to do it in a very simple way and at a low cost. It is a good option for those looking for a way to entertain the kids.

Recipes and tips for a wonderful picnic

Are you in doubt about what to take to eat? Check out this tutorial on how to prepare some foods, the best way to store them to the place and how to organize your basket. Everything is very practical and beautiful!

You can see that a picnic is a great option to relax, can't you? After these ideas and tips, it's easy to organize one for yourself! See also set table and make any meal special!

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