Boiserie: refinement and classic beauty to transform an environment

Boiserie: refinement and classic beauty to transform an environment
Robert Rivera

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The boiserie is a classic option for decorating environments. Widely used in France around the 18th century, it demonstrated the royalty's preference for using elements full of pomp and elegance, in addition to collaborating for the room's thermal insulation. Despite its classic aesthetic, it is possible to use these "wall frames" with various types of decoration, including spacesSee what boiserie is and how to use it to enhance your home.

What is boiserie?

Boiserie, which means woodwork in French, is a classic technique that consists in decorating walls with different formats of frames, which can be made of wood, plaster, cement, or even Styrofoam. It can be used to highlight decorative objects or to frame compositions with pictures. In addition, it can act alone, shining as the only element on the wall. A techniqueperfect to make your home more refined and elegant.

Difference between boiserie and rhodammy

Boiserie consists of lines or small curves, which are applied in sets and form moldings on the walls. It is a finishing technique different from the rodomeio, which is similar to a baseboard, but has the function of dividing the wall in half.

How to use boiserie in decoration: 60 classic ideas

A trend in decoration, boiserie can be applied in any environment, whether to adorn the entrance hall, enhance the living and dining room, or even bring more delicacy to the bedroom. See ideas for using this classic element in your decoration:

1. looks beautiful when used with neutral tones

2. makes any wall more beautiful

3. creating a sense of continuity

4. how about highlighting the fireplace?

5. or make the headboard wall even more beautiful

6. can make up a modern bedroom

7. or with a Provencal touch

8. harmonizing with the furniture of the environment

9. a stylish application

10. richness in details for the baby's room

11. with a discreet but stylish look

12. but, you can also use boiserie on walls with color

13. creating drawings with geometric shapes

14. adding charm to the integrated environment

15. helping to create a cozy charm

16. any corner becomes more beautiful

A charming feature for a colorful environment

18. play with proportions

19. the more details, the better

20. in white, to let the objects shine in the decoration

21 - Wood has its turn too

22. boiserie surprises even in the bathroom

23. marking styles

24: Irreverence and daring with the color yellow

25. gray for a cozy room

26. can be done on only half a wall

27. highlighting the frame

Adding delicacy in a child's room

29. different and modern design

30. a wall in a shade of blue

31. framing the pictures on the wall

32. a corner full of charm

33 Also present in the Scandinavian style

34. vibrant tones look great with the technique

35. adding a grace to the room

36. for a cleaner look, but without losing style

37. recreating the great classics

38. mixing decorative styles

39. a modern and romantic touch

40. integrating rooms with style

41. more charm for the hallway decoration

42 - Surprising at the entrance

43. the paintings gain prominence

44. a different TV panel

45. a luxury even for the kitchen

46. delicate look for the little one

47. play with different compositions

48. or splurge with classic charm

49. how about a differentiated painting job?

50. highlighting decorative objects

51. specially made for the bedside table

52. present in the office

53. to the couple's room

54. associating a striking tone

55 - Mixing different eras with style

56. for those who love clean aesthetics

57. or even those who prefer a bold touch

58. boiserie in the bedroom looks charming

59. a finish that elevates the decor

60. enchant with the classic charm of boiserie

With the ability to highlight decorative objects, transform the look of a neutral wall, or even bring more charm by using ornate and contrasting elements, boiserie is a great option to enhance the decoration of an environment, giving more charm and refinement.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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