Foolproof tips on how to plan your double bedroom

Foolproof tips on how to plan your double bedroom
Robert Rivera

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Everyone dreams of that perfect double bedroom, right? Now, we know how difficult it is to choose every detail and plan the ideal bedroom that meets all your tastes and desires. Therefore, we have selected some tips to help you in this task!

Tips for Planning a Double Room

Color, style, furniture, decoration, how to decide all that? Here are some tips to organize your creative process!

  • Research inspirations that appeal to you;
  • Choose what the main colors of the room will be;
  • Select the type of lighting that is most comfortable for you;
  • Have defined the size available for making the room;
  • Keep in mind what furniture cannot be missing in your ideal bedroom;
  • And, finally, get creative and abuse the inspirations you have selected!

Every couple has their own priorities when it comes to a bedroom, so it is important to first define the essential aspects that need to be present so that nothing is missing.

65 pictures of planned double bedroom for you to fall in love and get inspired

There are so many ways to put together a planned room, so many options available that it's hard to choose your favorite. Here are 65 inspirations to win you over!

1. dark colors are also an option

2. there are different ways to make use of a small space

3. a colorful piece of furniture makes all the difference

4. small details in the decoration

5. you can leave your ID in the room

6. with decorative pictures

7. a textured wallpaper

8. or a differentiated element on the wall

9. the bed can be the main element

10. with different sizes

11. and colors

12. large spaces can become an ideal room

13. with everything you need

14. besides a lot of style

15. how about a room with a modern touch?

16. or more classic?

17. bet on personalized furniture in your planned double room

18. that will make the space unique

19. don't forget the luminaries

20. with different shapes

21. that give another face to the environment

22. bet on unique ideas

23. that will make your room beautiful

24. think about the details

25. simple furniture

26. that do not leave elegance aside

27. and are practical

28. bet on different colors on the walls

29. Have you ever thought of having a fireplace?

30. a luxury!

31. gray makes any room more modern

32. this room is pure creativity

33. as cozy as it gets

34. wood details

35. white is infallible for a perfect room

36. earthy tones are also successful

37. delicate details

38: Have you ever thought of adding a very different piece of furniture?

39. dark colors are also an option

40. bet on minimalism

41. very tasteful

42. and comfort

43. bright colors to brighten up the environment

44. dividing panels are also in fashion

45. simple and delicate furniture

46. for those who like different environments

47. every detail makes the difference

48. for a room to be the couple's face

49. a luxurious and personalized headboard

50. or more common

51. define the style of your room

52. the floor can make all the difference

53. when it comes to planning

54. there are numerous options

55. the most traditional

56. and the most modern

57. the important thing is to meet the couple's taste

58. with a corner that exudes intimacy

59. and very well planned

60. a mirror on the bed

61. or something very unique

62. they can give another life to the environment

63. even small decorations

64. they give a special shine

65 And so, each room has a personality!

With so many incredible inspirations, it is easier to start planning the bedroom of your dreams. Besides the tips mentioned here, how about also checking out more bedroom decorating tips? After all, the more inspirations the better!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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