Fruit table: 70 ways to decorate with many colors and flavors

Fruit table: 70 ways to decorate with many colors and flavors
Robert Rivera

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Ideal for decorating any occasion, the fruit table is a great bet for those who want to have a healthy option and ensure a beautiful and natural effect with various colors. Whether for a party at home or even a refined event, check out tips and inspirations to help you make a simple fruit table and incremented well!

Tips to set up your fruit table

To set up an adequate fruit table for your type of event it is important to pay attention to some details. Here are some tips that will help you in this delicious task!

  1. Look for seasonal fruit: Seasonal fruits always have a more evident appearance and flavor, and make all the difference when it comes time to set your table. Besides, it is possible to find them at cheaper prices or even on sale.
  2. Learn when to use cut fruit: Fruits, when cut, tend to have a shorter shelf life. Use them when consumption will happen soon and quickly.
  3. When to use whole fruits: They usually have more decorative appeal, because they are easier to adapt to other items, such as flowers and candles. Bet on those that are easy to peel and do not require cutlery to be cut.
  4. Keep an eye on the details: be careful when selecting fruits that are not crushed or with small stains.
  5. Think about pleasing the majority: It is important to choose options that please all kinds of palates. Betting on more exotic fruits may not please the taste of everyone.
  6. Get the amount of fruit per guest right: for occasions when the fruit table is one of the main attractions, it is recommended to calculate 200 g of fruit per guest. in case of decorative use only, acquire the quantity according to the space to be decorated.

So now that you know all the care you should take, learn how to set up beautiful and authoritative fruit tables!

How to decorate your table

Depending on your type of event, you can use different utensils and stands. For weddings, more sophisticated trays and towers are recommended, while for a luau, wicker or wooden baskets are recommended for a more tropical effect.

At children's parties it is quite common to use chopped fruit in colorful jars for the kids. A very practical and creative way to decorate with fruit is to cut it and arrange it on a large barbecue stick alternating fruits and colors. This technique encourages guests to eat the fruit and adds a very special touch to the decoration.

Artificial Fruit

If the intention is exclusively to decorate, you can bet on artificial fruit. This way you avoid waste and still be able to formulate very different ways of setting the table, since you don't run the risk of crushing the fruit, leaving it unfit for display on the table.

What to do with the fruit at the end of the party?

If you don't want to take the leftover fruit home, a nice option is to leave some small bags or jars with the fruit, for example, encouraging your guests to take the fruit home and eat it!

Fruit table step by step: 5 videos to teach you

Check out tutorials on how to set up your fruit table with practical tips and super creative ideas:

How to cut fruit

If you want to bet on a more incremented and detailed decoration, with different fruit cuts, learn in this video how to transform it in a simple and surprising way.

How to set up a simple fruit table

This video is a very creative way to set up a simple fruit table. Learn different ways of displaying and enjoy the combination of flavors.

Fruit skewers for decoration

Making fruit skewers is a different and fun way to decorate your table.

Fruit Tree

This tutorial brings very simple and practical techniques on how to cut various fruits and assemble a tree.

Decorated fruit table

Learn how to decorate using fruit in different ways and combining different flavors and shapes. This is a very simple and economical way that can be done at home without much effort. It's worth checking out!

Now that you know the techniques to set colorful and creative tables, you can start preparing your own.

70 very colorful and creative fruit table pictures that will transform your event

Fruit tables are great for those looking for colorful and different decoration options. Totally versatile for any type of event, the combinations are endless and turn simple tables into real spectacles. Get inspired with our selection!

1. the perfect cut for a great look

2. decorate using plants for a rustic effect

3. glass containers bring out the colors of the fruit

4. a charming table using natural fruits

5. mix whole and cut fruits in different ways

6. use a beautiful tablecloth to help decorate and highlight the fruit

7. the cut of the fruit makes all the difference

8. use fruits that are visually as well as palatable

9. cut fruit gives an incredible effect to the table

10. you can put them in glass containers

11. the use of bamboo gave a more tropical air to the table

12. provide a good variety of fruit for the guests

13. how about a creative watermelon cake?

14. a very tropical and original table

15. turning the simple into amazing

16. beautiful effect of coconut trees formed by pineapples

17. guaranteed success for colorful children's parties

18. set a beautiful and sophisticated table to celebrate the New Year

19. lots of creativity in every detail

20. the green apple has a beautiful effect when laid out whole

21. use vases of flowers to highlight the colors of the fruit

22. perfect for a rustic event

23. combine trays and supports

24. transform the table using fruits and cold cuts

25. the use of the suqueira underscores the tropical effect

26. a very modern table to celebrate

27. let your imagination run wild and combine all the fruits

28. ideal for special occasions like Christmas

29. arrange so that guests can serve themselves easily

30. a very tropical outdoor proposal

31. use the fruit also as a support for other

32. creative combinations to celebrate the coming year

33. the beautiful combination of cold cuts and fruits

Arrange the fruit on a large plate to bring out the colors

35. serve in ice cream cones to enchant the children's party

36. a good alternative to serve the fruits without mixing them

37. a delicate aspect with the use of glass

38. fruits and flowers in harmony for a delicate table

39. the charm of transparent sinks, highlighting the colors

40. fruit skewers are a success and very delicate

41. fully adherent to thematic and non-standard parties

42. a perfect breakfast table

43: Colors and Flavors for Kids' Parties

44. a very exquisite and well-decorated table for breakfast

45. the gelatin, besides being delicious, matches the colorful fruits

46. set up a beautiful table for outdoor weddings

47. bet on a more classic style to use the fruits

48. green plants beautifully decorate tables with colorful fruits

49- Arrange fruits with side dishes to increase the flavor.

50. use fruit to transform simple tables

51. a beautiful table using rustic elements

52: Mixing decorative elements with fruit for a very original touch

53 - Use the fruit in all the details of the table

54. use creativity and explore the beauty of fruits

55. even simple tables deserve a special touch

56. delicacy for a delicately decorated children's table

57. the elegant of the rustic

58. to decorate more formal events

59. or for a beautiful detail that makes all the difference

60. natural lighting contributes to an even greater effect

61. vary the arrangement of the fruit using a shelf

62. highlight the table using in outdoor spaces

63. for more formal events, it's best to use more elegant supports

64: Bet on colorful trays and ornaments

65. use small plates to identify the fruit

66. a creative way to decorate using crates

67. use plants and flowers to bring out the colors of the fruit

68. practical cut that arouses the guests' interest

69. a lot of elegance in the combination of fruits and flower details

70 - Choose wisely and set dazzling tables

Besides an amazing decorative appeal, the fruit table also encourages your guests to consume this natural and extremely healthy and refreshing food.

And to complete your event, see how to set up an unforgettable cold cuts table!

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