Hot Tower: See how to include this item in your kitchen

Hot Tower: See how to include this item in your kitchen
Robert Rivera

The hot tower is a column-shaped cabinet designed to house electric ovens and microwaves. It is a great way to save space and leave the kitchen with a more organized look. Besides, it offers much more practicality when it comes to heating food. See below inspirations for this element and tips for adding it to your home:

20 amazing hot tower pictures for you to wish for your own

Here are several ways to add a hot tower to the kitchen, preserving each decor style and making the best use of the available space.

1. the hot tower allows for optimal use of space

2. it is ideal for small kitchens

3. or for environments that need many appliances

4. because it is the perfect way to organize them

5. without making the kitchen look heavy

6. and respecting the style of the place

7. it is necessary to think about the right timing of the items

8. to facilitate the reach of the food

9. it is more common for the oven to be at the bottom

10. because when the oven is in use, it requires more attention

11. and this position makes it easier to check what is being prepared

12. don't forget to analyze the measurements of each appliance

13. to get the hot tower to the ideal size

14. no oversize

15. and without making the kitchen disproportionate

16. see this horizontal hot tower, different and very stylish

17. but you can bet on the classic tower

18. no doubt, your kitchen will look beautiful

19. and much more practical

20. so you can enjoy every detail of it!

It is hard not to want this item, isn't it? The hot tower is perfect for both large and small kitchens, as it makes the place much more organized and visually pleasing.

Hot tower videos and tips

Watch the following videos to get all the details you need to plan your hot tower. This item will make your kitchen even more perfect. Check it out:

Learn all about hot tower

Get all your hot tower questions answered with this video. Learn about the vent needed to house the oven and how to take advantage of the tower's cabinet space.

The best information about hot tower

See all the information about the hot tower: what it is, which kitchens can have it, the right way to use it, and the correct arrangement of items.

Check out the benefits of the hot tower

The video presents information on how to optimize your kitchen with the hot tower, what materials can be used to make it, and the best heights and dimensions for the item.

To have a hot tower, it is important to plan the kitchen carefully, thinking about all the details and respecting the style of the room. Also don't forget to analyze the space available for the tower. Take advantage and check also kitchen ideas with cooktop to optimize your home even more!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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