Safari Party: 70 suggestions and step-by-step for an animal party

Safari Party: 70 suggestions and step-by-step for an animal party
Robert Rivera

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Giraffes, zebras, elephants, lions, monkeys, hippopotamuses, everyone is invited to celebrate the Safari party in style and, of course, with lots of fun.

Come check out dozens of creative and authentic Safari party ideas for you to get inspired and create your own. In addition, we have separated some step-by-step videos that will help you create various decorative elements and treats without having to spend a lot, such as centerpieces, decorative panels, and souvenirs.

Safari Party: 70 ideas for a perfect decoration

With simple or elegant decoration, get inspired with several amazing ideas to enhance the Safari party with a lot of charm. Explore your creativity, gather all the animals and make an animal event!

1. make use of many decorative elements and the green tone for decoration

2. or bet on a simpler and cheaper composition for the Safari party

3. the theme of the event is used a lot in the child's early years

4. be for a girl

5. or for a boy!

6. include pink tones in the Safari party decor for girls

7. decorate the space with several stuffed animals

Paint the stripes of zebras and other animals on the balloons with a marker

9. baby safari party with all the animals together

10. wooden imitation barrels decorate Mickey's Safari Party

11. francis gathered his favorite animals for his 1st birthday party

12. invest in foliage for decoration

13. they give a natural touch to the decoration

14. rent or buy a poster and table runner with the Safari print

15. decorative panel has a fabric that imitates wood

16. safari party features rustic provençal decoration

17. scatter dry leaves on the ground

18. 1 year old Heitor's Safari Party

19. decorative panel with pallet and colored paper sheets

20. spray paint the cart to harmonize with the decoration

21. look for a tablecloth with an animal print

22. set aside a shelf for the Safari Party souvenirs

23. ferns are perfect for enhancing the place

24. as well as various wooden elements

25. avoid the cliché and use blue tones

26. put a little hat on the stuffed animals!

27. orange, brown, yellow and green are the protagonist shades

28. simple but well decorated Safari Party

29. bet on personalized candies to decorate the table even more

30. decorate the place with boxes with the names of the animals

31 Include your wooden furniture to decorate

32. celebrate your baby's first birthday

33. chests and lamps compose the table arrangement

34. make the fake cake with cold porcelain

35. or with EVA, fabric and paint

36. decorate the panel with drawings and a string of leaves

37. flower arrangements decorate the table with charm

38. souvenirs from the Safari party are on the small bedside table

39. pay attention to every detail of the event

40. they are responsible for the authenticity of the party

41. double dose safari party!

42. green is the protagonist in this anniversary

43. use pieces of wood to serve as support

44. and also use banana leaves to serve as a tablecloth

45. sweets, animals and plants in perfect harmony

46. make small posters to decorate the place

47. the beast is loose!

48. if you are skilled, you can make the animals and the cake out of cold porcelain

49 The party set looks like a real Safari!

50. in spite of being a small decoration, it is very complete and beautiful

51. how about making an amigurumi to decorate the table?

52 What about this amazing tree made with balloons and bladders?

53: For Lorenzo, a beautiful Safari party!

54. Pedro Henrique won an over-decorated fake cake!

55. first birthday safari

56. the green background gives naturalness to the space

57. use the drawers to include other decorative items

58. baby safari party is a delight!

59 Create a decorative ceiling with bladders and satin ribbons

60. amazing, well-crafted fake cake!

61 Customize all the items that go on the main table

62 The hippopotamus is already at the party!

63. choose a fake cake to decorate the table even more

64. explore your creativity

65. and get creative and authentic ideas for decorating the Safari party!

66: A fake cake even has a suitcase in its making!

67 Don't forget to decorate the guests' table!

68. beware! wild animals!

69 The theme Safari was chosen by the parents to celebrate Baby's 1st year

70 The Safari baby shower is the cutest thing you'll see today!

Now that you have been inspired by so many Safari party suggestions, here are ten step-by-step videos that will teach you how to produce everything from souvenirs to the decorative panel without having to spend a lot!

Safari Party: Do It Yourself

Many Safari party elements you can make yourself at home with little effort. Check out some handy tutorials to create authentic decorative items and keepsakes that will amaze your guests!

Safari Party Centerpiece

Learn with this practical video tutorial how to make a beautiful topiary as a centerpiece. The decorative item can also serve as a souvenir for guests to take home after the birthday party.

Fake Safari Party Cake

Perfect for those who don't want to mess up the table and decorate the space even more, here's how to make a fake cake inspired by the Safari theme. Although it is a little more work and requires patience, the result will be worth all the effort.

Safari Party Candy Holder

A shallow plate and a small bowl are the materials needed to produce this beautiful and elegant candy holder that will leave your table organized and charming. Use a suitable glue to glue the two elements together.

Safari Party Table Skirt

Complete the table with a green crepe paper skirt that is reminiscent of dense vegetation. Easy and quick to make, the element will enhance the decoration of your space and make the look of your scene even more incredible and complete.

Safari Party Souvenir

Milk cans, colored cardboard, ruler, double-sided tape, satin ribbons and scissors are some of the materials needed to make this souvenir for your guests.

E.V.A. Animals for Safari Parties

To decorate the panel, main or guest table, learn how to make the animals in E.V.A. Look for ready-made molds to create the animals and use hot glue to better fix all the pieces.

Safari Party Candy Holder

To enhance the table decoration and serve as a souvenir for your guests, see how practical it is to make a candy holder in the shape of a little lion using few materials. Make the details with a black marker!

Safari Party Balloon Arch

Orange, yellow and brown are the main colors of a Safari party. Indispensable in a birthday party, learn how to make a balloon arch with the three colors of the party theme to enhance the decoration of the event.

Candy Pot for Safari Party

Buy miniature animals and glue them to the lids of the jars where the party treats will be. You can finish the item with green spray paint or leave it as the original, which is also beautiful!

English wall for Safari party

Although it may seem laborious and time-consuming to make, the English wall is a creative and inexpensive idea that will make the decorative panel and your party space even more beautiful and green.

It's not that hard, is it? Now that you've been inspired by dozens of Safari party ideas and also followed us with several step-by-step videos on how to put together a spectacular and well-decorated event, it's time to select your favorites and get to work!

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