Wooden Niches: 70 ideas and tutorials to organize your home in style

Wooden Niches: 70 ideas and tutorials to organize your home in style
Robert Rivera

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Wooden niches are great pieces to help organize and decorate the home. They can be made in different shapes and are usually arranged on the walls of the space. These practical items adapt to various day-to-day functionalities and are mainly used to store objects such as books, ornaments, picture frames, and other personal items.

For you to be inspired to leave everything in place and create a modern decoration for your home, we have separated several models of wooden niches to use in different environments and also practical options to make at home. Check them out:

Wooden Niches for Bedroom

In the bedroom, wooden niches are an excellent way to make better use of space and set up a decoration full of personality, here are some ideas:

1. pieces perfect for decorating a young and modern bedroom

2. optimize space with a niche as a bedside table

3. create a dynamic and fun composition

4. niches are a good solution for small rooms

5. for a creative decoration, bet on different formats

6. use the headboard space with built-in niches

7. enhance the wood pieces with lighting

8. a practical way to organize your items

9. more highlight with the use of colors

10. perfect to be placed in any space

You can use the wooden niches in the bedroom as support for decorations, affective items, and objects of daily use.

Wooden Niches for the Baby Room

Accessories such as niches are fundamental in decorating a baby's room. Besides being practical and functional, they make the space much more beautiful and delicate:

11. house shapes are playful for the nursery

12. a composition full of delicacy

13. a perfect piece to add a charming detail

14. the wood tone makes the environment even cozier

15. an ideal option for a colorful room

16. you can mix wooden niches and shelves

17. a charming combination with wallpaper

18. perfect for a personalized and very creative decoration

19. mix different shapes and colors

20. keep items on hand to assist with baby care

In the baby's room, use pieces that explore creativity with various formats. The niches can also be used to place plush or delicate ornaments to give the room a special look.

Wooden Niches for Kitchen

See below several options of wooden niches for kitchen and store dishes, utensils and appliances with a lot of style:

21. niches are great allies for kitchens

22. with them, it is possible to have more space for crockery and utensils

23. and even a good place to keep the cookbooks

24. can replace traditional cabinets

25. and add a color combination to the environment

26. more convenience when preparing meals

27. a piece to help organize and decorate the kitchen

28. optimize the space around the refrigerator with niches

29. use the walls of the room to install them

30. leave your main dishes exposed

Wooden niches are great for those who want to keep everything organized and stored in a very practical way for everyday life. Enjoy these ideas and make your kitchen more functional and versatile with these pieces!

Wooden Niches for Living Room

The living room decor is made up of varied entertainment items and prominent pieces. To organize everything in style, explore some suggestions for wooden niches below:

31. to compose a modern look with your favorite items

32. a great way to use the space on top of the television

Bring life and personality to your living room

34. with the niches, you can assemble a practical bookcase

35. overhead models are ideal for small rooms

36. and you can create an interesting panel for the environment

37. or a creative composition with different formats

38. more sophistication with mirrored bottom pieces

39 A simple way to organize your home and make your living room look beautiful

There are infinite possibilities to decorate the room and make it beautiful and pleasant.

Wooden Niches for Bathroom

Niches can be very useful for organizing hygiene and beauty items in the bathroom, as well as adding a charming detail to the space. Here are some ideas for this environment:

40. colorful pieces to decorate the bathroom

41. save floor space and use the walls to organize your objects

42. a model with mirror is practical and perfect for the environment

43. you can opt for a discreet niche built into the countertop

44. or bet on the use of pieces fixed on the walls

45 They can be used alone or together

46. and can have a very attractive look

47 - Add a special touch with the use of recessed lighting

49 A decorative and very functional option

Eliminate clutter in the bathroom and keep towels, soaps, creams, and perfumes in order with the niches.

Wooden Bookcases

The niches are an excellent option for those looking for practicality and charm to organize books. Check out the following surprising ideas to keep your favorite books always at hand:

50. assemble a bookcase with wood pieces and locksmiths

51. take the opportunity to create dynamic compositions

52. organization and personality for the home office

53. a reading corner with a creative place for books

54. practicality and style with triangular shapes

55. a colorful and very attractive idea

56. organize your books in the bedroom

57. use the wooden niches to compose a nice home office

58. or create a library under the stairs

59. and also a modern and organized study environment

With several shapes and sizes, the niches allow incredible combinations for you to store all your books in a practical and creative way.

Round Wooden Recesses

They are a different option and create a special look for any environment, especially for children's rooms. Check them out:

60. a delicate shape for the baby's room

61. round niches look great in vibrant colors

62. and add a special soft touch to the decoration

63. they look attractive and playful to children

64. or organized in a free way

65. with a shape that can be full of charm

66. they are practical pieces to accommodate the plush in the children's room

67. and bring an attractive and charming look

68. even more so when used together

The round niches bring more flexibility when decorating, because they do not need to follow a pattern in their arrangement. They are great to be used in children's rooms to store small items and adorable stuffed animals. An item that will certainly give a differentiated touch to your environment.

Wooden Niches: How to Make Them

Niches can make all the difference in decorating and organizing space, but for those who want to spend little or are looking for original options for the home, check out some amazing alternatives to learn how to make:

How to make a pine wood niche

Learn how to make a pine wood niche with this practical step-by-step. A versatile piece that you can use alone or to create a shelf for use in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen. An option to organize your books and objects in an economical and creative way.

Adhesivated wooden niche

Here's how to create a beautiful and practical wooden niche for any room in the house. The size can be sized according to your needs, and you can even customize it with paint and colored stickers to give it a special charm and match your style.

DIY decorative niches

It is possible to create very interesting and original compositions with wooden niches. With small boards of joined woods, this video teaches how to make a panel of decorative and multifunctional niches for your home. An easy option to make and that looks great to put in the living room or bedroom.

Wooden Niche with Wall

Check out the step by step instructions for making a niche with a wall using OSB wood and cork. Besides having a piece to store books and small objects, you still have a practical space to fix notes or photos. And the best thing is that everything is done in a very simple way.

Fruit crate type wooden niche

Enhance your home decor with a rustic and differentiated piece.

Wooden niches conquer with their versatility and incredible practicality. Get inspired, remember to use safety equipment when necessary, and put these ideas into practice. Thus, with little expense and a lot of creativity, you guarantee functional decoration pieces that will leave any environment more modern and organized.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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